Chess for Schools Phase Two

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Chess for Schools Phase Two

Postby Carl Hibbard » Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:02 am

From the ECF site:

All schools interested in Phase Two of the ECF/Holloid Plastics Chess for Schools initiative are invited to follow this three-step procedure and register their schools for the project.

1) Click link below to download the PDF registration form (save it to your computer)

2) Fill in the form - this should be done as thoroughly as possible by the Head Teacher or the appointed person on the Head's behalf - and click the Submit button at the foot of the form

3) When the email to the ECF opens, add any notes or message you wish and then send it to us - we will enter your details onto the Phase 2 database.

The closing date is the 31st May 2010, and deliveries are scheduled for September 2010. No previous applicants need apply. Applications are welcome from all primary, secondary, junior, senior, middle, upper and hospital schools. Currently, infants, nursery, 6th forms and tech. colleges do not qualify to apply. We look forward to receiving your applications.
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