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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Richard James » Mon May 21, 2012 8:45 pm

John Upham wrote:
Richard James wrote:I notice that Neil Carr has played a few games for Writtle this year so Ivor Smith or someone out that way should have contact details for him

Thanks. Do you know if Trevor and Sue Carr are still on the chess scene? They were very active between 1978-83 as I recall.

The ECF Grading Database tells me that Trevor's most recent games were for Woodbridge in the London League between November 2006 and January 2007.

John Upham
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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby John Upham » Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:29 pm

I am sorry to say that the planned reunion has had to be cancelled until further notice.

The venue has told me that the 16th of June was not viable as the room booked was needed from 5pm onwards for persons to watch a game of Association Football. :cry:

I have attempted to move to a date beyond the end of the football tournament but have told that a weekend day is not viable unless we can guarantee to spend a certain amount of money. Since I do not know the number of persons planning to attend I cannot make any guarantee. Even knowing the number of persons I cannot assume that a minimum amount would have been spent.

So, I suspect for us to hold this reunion without needing to make guarantees we will need to find a venue that does not have the same constraints.

Maybe my original thinking of the Folkestone / Maidstone area was right after all?

Please pass the word around that we have been forced to cancel to as many who might have turned up on spec.

I was very much looking forward to it!

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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Malcolm Clarke » Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:33 pm

On this thread a few people had enquired about the current whereabouts of Sandys Dickinson. I came across the article on his game with Eric Schiller and it appears that there was a posting earlier this year from someone who ran a pub near Cambridge that Sandys regularly attended, indicating that he had recently passed away.

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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby David Gilbert » Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:00 am

That's a shame. I recently sent Daryl Taylor this game from the 1976 archives.

[Event "Centymca Championship"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "1976.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Sandys Dickinson"]
[Black "Daryl Taylor"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "C77"]
[EventDate "1976.??.??"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.Nc3 { Lacking the force of 0-0 or PQ4 } 5...b5 6.Bb3 Be7 7.d3 d6 8.Nd5 Na5 9.Nxe7 Qxe7 10.Bd2 Nxb3 11.axb3 O-O 12.Bg5 h6 13.Bd2 { The third move of this bishop: wasted } 13...d5 14.Qe2 { PxP is forced, even though this means surrendering the centre } 14...dxe4 15.dxe4 Bb7 16.Bc3 Nxe4 17.Bxe5 Qb4+ 18.c3 ( 18.Nd2 Nxd2 19.Qxd2 ( 19.c3 Qe4 ) 19...Qe4+ 20.Qe2 Qxe2+ 21.Kxe2 Rfe8 ) 18...Qxb3 19.O-O Rfe8 20.Bxc7 Nxc3 21.Qd2 Ne2+ 22.Kh1 Qxf3 23.Rg1 Qxf2 0-1

Gary Kenworthy

Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Gary Kenworthy » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:26 pm

More on the LondonYMCA and beyond.
My post of Gary Kenworthy » Sun May 15, 2011 9:41 am Still stands.
Malcolm Clarkes email does not cover the 3 year period when I was London Central’s First Team captain, as was also Michael Crewdson (between YMCA and Barbican years). Of Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:35 pm

First, some old YMCA info: Isidoro Yedlin went to Afghanistan as a war photographer.

We had many defaults in the last days of London Central, especially playing in the basement of Bishopsgate. We then moved to the Barbican, but subs and rents were an issue. So we wound up the club.

It was Michael Crewdson – “the Colonel” who in the Summer of 1990 introduced me to John McAllister. Michael was an ex- Guards Office, twice wounded in Italy, and after his medical recovery in the UK, joined SOE. He severed in the Far East. Later within Gen. Douglas McAthur’s staff in Tokyo. He was in charge of the police forces in SE Asia. In the UK, he often gave lectures at the British Museum on Japanese culture. He did many things post war, e.g. films, politics. One of his Holborn constituents was Dr Stephen Ward (Profumo Affair). Ward was stitched up and Michael was the listening ear.

John McAllister had the idea, a concept, of combining the three wound-up clubs:- BT, London Central and BP at the Barbican. Michael then said, I leave you two to work something out.
Brian Sammes was also all for it. I took their requirements and goals, thus I created a written plan on how to delivery it. I was also asked to become chairman, plus several extra roles. Without John the club could have failed a few times. It was his baby.
Winning the National Club and winning the London League, in the first year, were just two of the stated headline objectives.

Simon LeBlanc was a member of the winning National Club squad, just one game played. He was in a row of players, behind Dr C S, Crouch and N L Carr. When we played away at Portsmouth, in our first season. Then on the next row, J J Ady and myself on the bottom two boards. I believe Jon and Neil scored 5/6 that season.

Neil Carr’s last game was a return, after two years, against an Icelandic team, home at the Barbican, in the European Club Cup, September 1993, as this qualification was from the 1990/91 winning National Club side. He brought along his young daughter.

We have also lost Dr. Colin Crouch, who was often my socialising buddy, before I went to Europe for years.

The Barbican also hosted the first ever 4*NCL at the Barbican , just two weeks years apart. Also the extensive, Chessathon. During this month there was also the Kasparov v Short match at the Strand.

In May 1996 I handed over Barbican 4NCL to Dr Jon Rogers. A meeting at a Kings Cross Thameslink restaurant. He is still doing the hard job – very commendable.
There was a year when we were called Hertford. The league was only called 4*NCL for a very short period.

The winding up of the Barbican in the London League (we had moved to the Guildhall for two years) and the joining Cavendish was worked out with myself and Barry N Green (check out his 1969 start to the British Championship at Rhyl) and Philip Gregory; all mainly achieved over a curry near Bletchley Park.

Some found memories, and many of them.- Best wishes (FM) Gary Kenworthy.

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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Mike Truran » Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:48 pm


Welcome aboard!


Daryl Taylor
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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Daryl Taylor » Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:01 am

All of which chaos suggests to me that we should have taken the option of St Stephen's tavern when it was floated in the early to mid 1980s, and that the Colonel was miguided to counsel otherwise.

I still remember that meeting vividly. Partly for Mike Mozouros playing the role of a noisy devil's advocate, but mainly for Gary Stephens' superb analogy of boiling a live lobster by very slowly turning up the heat. The majority in favour of the move fell slightly short of the two-thirds target that we believed was necessary to prevent the club from splitting, with a resulting dispute over things like league status (especially as we might also have had to change our name). It had taken us years to establish teams in nearly all divisions of the London and Middlesex leagues, and had we then been deemed a new club, we would have needed to start that process all over again (as occurred with King's Head).

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Re: London Central YMCA (aka CentYMCA) Chess Club

Postby Andrew Martin » Mon May 22, 2017 3:21 pm

George Dickson, a longstanding member of the club, passed on this February. He will be missed.

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