ChessJournal App Launches in the UK

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Jon Fisher
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ChessJournal App Launches in the UK

Postby Jon Fisher » Sat May 06, 2017 12:53 pm

ChessJournal App has recently launched in the UK and is available on iPhone, iPad and and Android phones like Samsung and HTC etc.

The app helps amateur chess players to study their OTB games anywhere they go on their phone or tablet (or both). It is particularly useful for club players with little time available for study or whilst at chess tournaments without a laptop. ChessJournal is free to download and store games whilst a modest subscription fee (£5 a year) unlocks all analysis features. More information on ChessJournal can be found here:

At ChessJournal we are passionate about creating the best chess players journal app out there. We strongly feel that not enough aspiring players look at their own games, and they tend to get hung up on blitz chess, excessive computer analysis or both!

You can download ChessJournal for iPhone and iPad here: ... 1202213867

You can download ChessJournal for Android (e.g. Samsung, HTC phones etc) here: ... sjournalv2

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have and we always welcome any feedback. We are based in Bristol in the UK and play in the Bristol & District Chess League.

If you enjoy using ChessJournal then please consider leaving us a nice review in the respective app stores.


Jon Fisher
The ChessJournal Team

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