International Round-up 24/01/12

The very latest International round up of English news.
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International Round-up 24/01/12

Postby LawrenceCooper » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:02 pm

International Round-up 24/1/12

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 24 Jan - 2 Feb 2012 ... asters.htm

Round 1 starts at 14:00 this afternoon. Jovanka Houska faces Peter Svidler with black on board 1. Other pairings include Adams-Zhukova, Short-Melia, Sutovsky-Hanley, Sasikiran-Quillan, Iturrizaga-Ansell whilst Alex Lopez of Cork plays Judit Polgar.

Women’s Bundesliga 20-22 January 2012

Jovanka Houska warmed up for Gibraltar on board one for Karlsruher SF 18 and drew with both Anna Zatonskih and Anastasia Savina before beating Monika Seps on the Sunday. Her team lost two matches and won one.

Prague Open 13-20 Jan 2012 ... ag=30&m=-1

Peter Constantinou scored 4.5/9.

2012 Queenstown Chess Classic, Queenstown, New Zealand 15th-23rd January 2012 ... games.html

Gawain Jones scored 6/9, whilst Ingrid Lauterbach and Malcolm Armstrong finished on 5.

74th Tata Steel Chess Tournament: 14 - 28 January 2012 ... 12/group/3

Matthew Sadler is on 4.5/8 in Group C. Sadly Luke McShane was unable to take his place in Group A because of work commitments.

The English scores in the amateur sections are as follows:

Tienkampen 2E: Caspar Bates 1.5/4 (9 rounds)
Dagvierkampen 2B: Ian Reynolds 1.5/3
Dagvierkampen 5A: John Alderson 2/3 (group winner).
Dagvierkampen 7C: Paul Robert Jackson 1.5/3
Weekend 2F: Clive Wismayer 0.5/3
Weekend 6B: Marike Dokter 1/3

Future events:

Bundesliga 4th-5th February 2012

In addition to the individual websites the latest international chess news can be found at
the following link:

I encourage players to send me details of events they or others are playing in abroad and I will do my best to include them in my round-up. There is a list of international tournaments at home and abroad listed here: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3795

Lawrence Cooper,
Director of International Chess 24/1/12

Jonathan Rogers
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Re: International Round-up 24/01/12

Postby Jonathan Rogers » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:03 pm

No escape from Sadler's drawing rut today. He has been trying in all his games, and has had a number of good positions, but he is making even Arsenal's finishing look good and he ran risks of losing his very good position against a 2270 today.

Oh well. At least he can feel good about being an amateur again!

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Matt Mackenzie
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Re: International Round-up 24/01/12

Postby Matt Mackenzie » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:07 pm

At least he has managed to win his one game that wasn't a draw - unlike "attacking genius" Topalov :)
"Set up your attacks so that when the fire is out, it isn't out!" (H N Pillsbury)

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