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The 1st European Rapid & Blitz Club Cup will take place on August 8th -12th, 2012 in
Bucharest, Romania.


1. Participation

The valid regulations to be followed are the "ECU Tournament Rules" approved by
the General Assembly of the European Chess Union. According to the Rules for the
European Club Cup, participation is open to every club who has the approval of its
own national federation.

2. Organizing fees

150 Euro per team for rapid competition
100 Euro per team for blitz competition

3. Application, registration

3.1. Every federation who intends to participate with one or more club teams must
inform the organizing committee before 1st of July 2012, of its acceptance of the
invitation specifying the name of the teams.

3.2. Entry forms must be completed and returned to the Tournament office not later
than the 1st of July, 2012, by fax at +40213174700 or mail stamped by the Federation,
or by official e-mail to contact@eccrb.eu. This date is the registration deadline. The
basic team composition must be written in the entry form.

3.3. The complete registration form must include first name/s, surname/s, ID
number, FIDE or/and National title, and passport number of each player and
captain. It must also include the name and telephone/e-mail/fax number of the
Chief of Delegation (if any), the person in charge of every Club and bank transfer

3.4. All entry forms have to be put forward by the respective federation: entries not supervised/endorsed by the federation will not be accepted.

3.5. Teams will be paired only after all their registration details have been fulfilled.

3.6. A club is allowed to register maximum two teams in each section, open and women.

3.7. Teams of the same club cannot be paired in the last 2 rounds.

4. Basic competition rules

4.1. The championships will be 9 rounds for Rapid Chess and 11 rounds for Blitz, played in the Swiss system in accordance with the ECU Tournament Rules.

4.2. According to FIDE and ECU rules, the time control for Rapid Chess will be 15 minutes for the game with an increment of 10 seconds per move, starting from move one and for Blitz 5 minutes for each player.

5. Additional competition rules

5.1. Important: in these championships the regulation 6.6a of the FIDE Laws of chess will be used: „Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the start of the session shall lose the game“.

5.2. Analyzing is not allowed in the playing hall.

5.3. During the game the players are not allowed to go to the analyzing room or to the press room.

5.4. Flash photography may be used only in the first 3 (three) minutes of the playing session of the rapid chess competition and only in intervals during blitz competition.

5.5. Only the players and arbiters shall be allowed in the actual playing area, except with the express permission of the Chief Arbiter.

5.6. Players are not allowed to enter the closed area of the top boards if they don’t play there themselves.

5.7. As long as the game is in progress a player may talk only to an arbiter or with his opponent as permitted by the Laws of Chess.

5.8. The teams shall be composed of 4 players and maximum 2 reserve players. Players, nationals of the respective federation or foreigners, must meet the rule that they are registered as club members at the date of registration as well as during the

5.9. No teams of federations which have financial arrears with respect to the European Chess Union will be allowed to enter the competition.

5.10. We assume that all the players have read the Tournament Regulations and are obliged to obey them.

5.11. The English text of these Tournament Regulations is the authentic version.

6. Official website
Information is available on the internet at www.eccrb.eu.
On this website will be published entry forms for registration and all necessary information about accommodation, visas, transfers etc.


1. The first three teams will receive trophies. Each member of the winning team (players, reserves and captain) will receive a gold medal. The members of the second and third placed teams will each receive silver and bronze medal respectively.

2. The total prize fund is, together for men and women sections, of 25.000 Euro.

3. Prizes for the team results are property of Clubs, and individual trophies are property of players.

4. A tax of 16% will be deducted from each prize according to Romanian law.


Accommodation and meals for all players and accompanying persons will be at official hotel:
Grand Hotel Rin Bucharest ****
Double room and full board: 60 Euro/person, all taxes included.
Single room and full board: 75 Euro, all taxes included.
Clubs based in Bucharest or nearby the region are exempt from this regulation, under prior acceptance of the organizer.

Free Wi-Fi internet in the hotel and free access (but limited capacity) for the SPA.

For participants who plan for personal reasons to check-in before 8 of August or to check-out after 12 of August, organizers can offer special accommodation & board rates in the Grand Hotel RIN.


1. Main international airport is Henri Coanda Otopeni, for regular carriers and some low costs, and Aurel Vlaicu Baneasa Airport for budget airlines. Low cost flights are available from Italy (Rome, Bari, Venice, Milan, Bergamo, Catania, Bologna, Napoli, Cuneo, Pisa), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Dortmund, Stuttgart), France (Paris, Lyon, Nice), United Kingdom (London), Ireland (Dublin), Turkey (Istanbul), Greece (Athens), Austria (Vienna), Netherlands (Eindhoven), Belgium (Charleroi), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Malaga), Switzerland (Geneva).

2. Hotel is located 40 min from Otopeni and 30 min from Baneasa. Cost of transfer per person is for two ways: 40 € from Otopeni and 30 € from Baneasa.

3. Players and accompanying persons who want transfer from the airport should clearly indicate in the registration form, together with the arrival and departure details.

4. Organizer will give full support to assist participants to receive entry visas due to speed up procedure in Embassies and Consulates of Romania. Every registered player who needs entry visa for Romania has to send scanned passport together with his registration form, not later than July the 1st, 2012.Visa’s costs will depend on the valid laws at that moment.


1. At the time of registration (no later than July 1st, 2012), organizing fee, board and accommodation and airport transfer (if needed) should be transferred to the following account:
RO17CECEB503C1EUR2572358, CEC BANK – sucursala Cotroceni, Bucharest, Romania

2. The bank commissions for the transfer must be paid by the sender. If these are not paid, the organizers will charge the respective participants by an invoice, which must be paid in full before the start of the championship.

3. Late registration is permitted only under prior acceptance of the organizer and an extra organizing fee of 50 Euro/team/competition.


1. Currency
The local currency is Romanian Leu (RON). 1 Euro ≈ 4.3 RON

2. Medical care
During the Tournament there will be Medical Services according to the FIDE and ECU Tournament Regulations.

3. Electricity
The voltage is 220 (V).

4. Tournament office
All necessary information can be seen on the official tournament web-site www.eccrb.eu and e-mail: contact@eccrb.eu

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