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Re: Season's impressions

Post by Alex Holowczak » Wed May 09, 2012 10:07 am

Ian Thompson wrote:
Alex Holowczak wrote:(3) There seem to be a few teams yoyoing between Division 1 and Division 2. Bristol 1, Sambuca Sharks and Warwickshire Select, for example. Relegating 4 from 12 is likely to make this problem worse. A solution to this problem would be to relegate only 2 teams, and promote 1 from each of 2a and 2b. This would reduce yoyoing dramatically.
Why is this a problem? You have some teams that are clearly of Division 1 standard and in little danger of relegation, some that are clearly of division 2 standard and with little chance of promotion, and some borderline teams where it could go either way. I'd have thought the more borderline teams you can get, the better. It makes for a more competitive division.
The problem is that they're playing under different rules each season. In Division 2 they only need a junior, in Division 1 they need a female player. Invariably, the effect of this is that a side getting promoted from Division 2 usually has to weaken itself for the privilege of playing in Division 1, meaning it is even more likely to get relegated.

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Re: Season's impressions

Post by Roger de Coverly » Wed May 09, 2012 10:20 am

Alex Holowczak wrote:
The problem is that they're playing under different rules each season.
That scuppers another way of doing div 1/2 promotion and relegation. You could for example merge the division 1 relegation pool and the division 2 promotion pool and have a 4 round Swiss with the top half qualifying for division 1 and the bottom half for division 2. But different rules for the squads is a problem.

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