Final weekend (2013-14 season)

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Lewis Martin
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Re: Final weekend (2013-14 season)

Post by Lewis Martin » Thu May 29, 2014 7:41 pm

David Sedgwick wrote:
Lewis Martin wrote:Picking up on this thread, I cannot see any indication on the 4NCL website of a spreadsheet detailing every player's results/performances. I appreciate that it takes a while, but I thought it is usually published by now? Or have they stopped doing this?
It was done by Neville Belinfante, who is currently unwell.
Oh dear, I am sorry to hear about that. I hope he gets better soon.

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Re: Final weekend (2013-14 season)

Post by NickFaulks » Thu May 29, 2014 9:15 pm

David Sedgwick wrote:
NickFaulks wrote:
Christopher Kreuzer wrote: (Technically, should Sue Maroroa's WGM norm also be listed?)
I've just noticed this comment, and find it quite extraordinary. Of course norms for women's titles should be listed.
I think the point is that an IM norm obtained by a female player is automatically also a WGM norm. Had Sue obtained only a WGM norm, I'm sure that it would have been listed as such.
Sorry, I misunderstood.
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