Anti-cheating measures

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Mike Gunn
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Re: Anti-cheating measures

Post by Mike Gunn » Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:28 pm

These anti cheating measures (bags for mobiles, random searches using a metal detector) were in force at the Pokerstars International on the Isle of Man.

Richard Bates
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Re: Anti-cheating measures

Post by Richard Bates » Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:35 pm

Roger de Coverly wrote:
Kevin Thurlow wrote: I'm not sure why there should be a "suggestion" not to leave the room whilst on the move.
I forget the exact wording, but players were reminded of the Laws of Chess forbidding leaving the playing area. That was in the context of a specific announcement as to the deemed extent of the playing venue.

But to refer back to my original question, was this confined to divisions 3 and 4 at Telford, or were there similar announcements and measures at the other two venues?
Missed the announcements at the start of round 1, so can't definitively say, but didn't get the impression much was going on. Thought that the bags were just being provided as an option for people who didn't have their own - imagine on the Sunday most people's phones were in their own bags having checked out. Bookstall was directly outside the playing area so no segregation there. And anyone wanting to wander had to pass through half the hotel to get from one playing area (live board area) to the other.

At the European Club cup they had a facility for storing phones in (numbered) bags and everyone had to pass past a "metal detector" advice to get in at the start of the round. The way it operated I wouldn't really characterise it as an "anti-cheating" measure though, more an "anti-absentmindedness" measure! (ie. if the detector made a noise - which it obviously did for most people - it just reminded them that they shouldn't have a phone on them).

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