2016-17 results

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2016-17 results

Post by Mick Norris » Tue May 02, 2017 9:30 am

Good to hear about the norms

Daniel Fernandez (Guildford) 3rd GM norm
Ravi Haria (Wood Green HK) GM norm + 3rd IM norm
Jonathan Rogers (Barbican) IM norm
David Fitzsimons (Wood Green HK) IM norm
Richard Weaving (Wood Green HK) IM norm
Martin Taylor (Barbican) IM norm
Matthias Gantner (White Rose) IM norm

Division 1

Champions Guildford 1 (14 pts)
Runners-up Cheddleton 1 (9 pts)
Relegated North-East England, Kings Head, Celtic Tigers, Anglian Avengers 1

Division 2

Champions Alba (14 pts)
Runners-up The AD's (11 pts)
also Promoted Spirit of Atticus A, Cambridge University 1
Relegated Barbican Youth, Warwickshire Select 2, CSC Dragons, Bradford DCA Knights 1

Division 3 North

Champions Manchester Manticores 1 (22 pts)
Runners-up Manx Liberty (19 pts)

Division 3 South

Champions Wood Green MM 1 (14 pts)
Runners-up Poisoned Pawns (10 pts)
Relegated Hackney, Sussex Martlets 2, Iceni 1, Surbiton

Division 4 South

Champions Barnet Knights 1 (19 pts)
Runners-up Oxford 2 (19 pts)
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