2013 British Blitz Championship

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2013 British Blitz Championship

Post by Alex Holowczak » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:15 pm

The results of the 2013 British Blitz Championship can be found below.

1st: GM Mark Hebden 9.5/11 £400 (2013 British Blitz Champion)
2nd: IM Petro Golubka 9/11 £200
3rd: GM Keith Arkell, IM Thomas Rendle, IM Ameet Ghasi 8/11 £33.33
Junior: Marcus Harvey 8/11 £50
U1930 rating prize: Robert Kane 6/11 (+3.85) £50
U1610 rating prize: John Courouble 5/11 (+3.71) £50

As noticed in the other thread, Keith and Nick Arkell played one another in round 1, with Nick prevailing with black. Our other GM, Mark Hebden, lost to Marcus Harvey in round 3, so both GMs were back in the pack early on. Golubka and Ghasi led the way with 5/5 at the interval, but Ghasi lost two in a row against Golubka and Hebden. I'm not an expert on such matters, but Ghasi looked like he was a pawn up in a rook and pawn ending, but his K ended up on a back rank, with Hebden's K in opposition, and the only way to stop a mate meant Ghasi had to give up his R. I don't know if that arose because Mark forced it upon Ameet cleverly, or whether Ameet blundered. Nevertheless, it was a turning point of sorts, and it took Ghasi out of contention for the main prize. Meanwhile, Golubka marched serenely on to 7/7. Hebden then beat Golubka with white in round 8 to draw level, but after drawing again in round 9 against Keith Arkell, Golubka retook the lead after winning to move to 8/9. In the last two rounds, Golubka could only draw against Keith Arkell and Weaving, whereas Hebden beat Rendle and Maciol to take outright victory.

There were a few Law queries during the day, which I thought I'd share with you. Most of them were towards the end of the event, for some reason.

In round 10, on a high board, a player promoted to a pawn with 2 seconds on his clock. His opponent claimed the game because of the illegal move. Interestingly, I specifically mentioned non-promotion in my opening introduction as an example of an illegal move. The player who made the move would have heard that. The claimant was late arriving because he fell off his bike en route, so while he missed the salvo, he knew the Law anyway!

In the round before, a player made an illegal move, exposing his King to check. His opponent ignored this and moved. The player then blocked the check with his next move. His opponent then claimed the game, but of course, it was too late so the game continued.

Another player touched a piece that could legally move, before making a legal move with a different piece. We were asked after the game, could the game have claimed because of an illegal move? The Chief Arbiter and I agreed that the violation was of the touch move rule, not the illegal move rule, and so had an arbiter witnessed it happening (or otherwise had evidence that the piece had been deliberately touched), then they could have applied a touch move penalty, but not an illegal move penalty. Of course, the penalties might be the same in standardplay so the distinction isn't as important, but when the penalties are different, it does! This never happened, but it was an interesting question.

Of less interest, but nevertheless noteworthy, I was saving my tournament file to the Cloud during the early rounds. This was so that the backup laptop could access the files quickly in case my machine decided to blow up. However, with the general rush of rounds 1 and 2 (no shows etc.), I hadn't had chance to back up the files to the memory stick at the end of round 1 before round 2 was underway. I'd forgotten that I wasn't connected to the Internet, because of course, I'd switched my phone off! My computer had previously been tethered to the phone's Wi-Fi. So I wasn't actually saving the file at all. One of our admin team was carrying a Wi-Fi hotspot around with him. He'd forgotten both to turn it off from his last use of it, and to leave it at home before he set off. So it was switched on, and my laptop had automatically connected to it when it lost connection to my phone, meaning I was connected to the Internet, and so actually, I was saving things quite happily. This spared me from losing 2 rounds worth of results when I closed the software with a mouse-slip at the end of round 2. If the admin person had remembered to leave his Wi-Fi device at home, this report could have been a tale of woe...

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Ranking and Games after round 11 of 2013 British Blitz Championship
No.  PNo.  Name                          R1    R2    R3    R4    R5    R6    R7    R8    R9    R10   R11   CB Score
  1.    2  Hebden, Mark                 39b1  27w1  14b0  31w1  20b1  25w1   6b1   3w1   1b½   4w1  15b1   -1  9.5
  2.    3  Golubka, Petro               40w1  26b1  17w1  10b1   4w1   6b1  14w1   2b0  25w1   1b½  13w½    1  9.0
  3.    1  Arkell, Keith                38w0  47b1  42w1  29b1  30w1  13b½   9w1  10b1   2w½   3w½  14b½    1  8.0
        4  Rendle, Thomas               41b1  29w1  18b1  13w1   3b0  14w0  30w1  15b1   6w1   2b0  25w1    1  8.0
        6  Ghasi, Ameet                 44b1  31w1  20b1  14w1   9b1   3w0   2w0  13b1   4b0  27w1  16b1   -1  8.0
       14  Harvey, Marcus               50w1  32b1   2w1   6b0  40w1   4b1   3b0  20w1   5b½  30w1   1w½    1  8.0
  7.   10  Roberson, Peter              46b1  33w1  22b1   3w0  25b0  38w1  27b1   1w0  20b½  31w1  30b1   -1  7.5
       20  Stepanyan, Henrik            57w1  38b1   6w0  36b1   2w0  40b1  32w1  14b0  10w½   9b1  17w1    1  7.5
  9.    5  Cobb, James                  42w1  28b½  24w1  30b0  26w1  15b1  13w0  34b1  14w½  25b0  38w1    1  7.0
       13  Weaving, Richard             49b1  35w1  25b1   4b0  37w1   1w½   5b1   6w0  26b1  15w0   3b½   -1  7.0
       15  Maciol, Ryszard                 -  61b1  45w1  33w1  44b1   5w0  28b1   4w0  22b1  13b1   2w0    0  7.0
       25  Sygnowski, Tomasz            61w1  58b1  13w0  73b1  10w1   2b0  36w1   9b1   3b0   5w1   4b0   -1  7.0
       34  Kaatiala, Pekka              70b1  16w½  12b1   9w0  22b0  57w1  44b1   5w0  33b½  53w1  27b1   -1  7.0
 14.    9  Carr, Neil                   45w1  30b½  28w1  34b1   6w0  47b1   1b0  25w0  35b1  20w0  22b1   -1  6.5
       12  Timmins, Chris               47w0  59b1  34w0  51b1  36w0  55b1  40w1  29b1  30w0  32b½  44w1    1  6.5
       16  Edge, John                   52w1  34b½  30w0  57b1  47w0  44w½  41b1  31w½  28b1  26b1   6w0    1  6.5
       30  Fallowfield, Jeremy          66b1   9w½  16b1   5w1   1b0  22w1   4b0  47w1  12b1  14b0  10w0   -1  6.5
       46  Friar, James P               10w0  69b1  36w0  63b1  32w0  73b1  17w0  55b1  29w½  24b1  18w1    1  6.5
 19.   17  Woolley, Jos                 53b1  37w1   3b0  44w0  38b0  60w1  46b1  33w1  27b0  47w1  20b0   -1  6.0
       22  Bennett, Dominic             59w1  51b1  10w0  47b½  34w1  30b0  37w½  32b1  15w0  36b1   9w0    1  6.0
       26  Martin, Nicholas E           62b1   3w0  41b1  49w½   5b0  39w1  35b1  37b1  13w0  16w0  33b½   -1  6.0
       27  Nixon, Rodney J              63w1   2b0  47w0  54b1  45w1  50b1  10w0  36b1  17w1   6b0  34w0    1  6.0
       28  Ponter, Ian                  64b1   5w½   9b0  35w1  49b½  33w1  15w0  53b1  16w0  38b0  42w1    1  6.0
       29  Huq, Robin                   65w1   4b0  50w1   1w0  41b1  36b0  45w1  12w0  46b½  40b½  73w1    1  6.0
       31  Eilers, Arne                 67w1   6b0  51w1   2b0  50w0  58b1  49w1  16b½  37w1  10b0  40w½    1  6.0
       32  Emery, Ian                   68b1  14w0  44b0  53w1  46b1  49w1  20b0  22w0  41b1  12w½  47b½   -1  6.0
       33  Ai, Farshad                  69w1  10b0  54w1  15b0  73w1  28b0  50w1  17b0  34w½  37b1  26w½    1  6.0
       36  Friar, Jim                   72b1  18w0  46b1  20w0  12b1  29w1  25b0  27w0  48b1  22w0  66b1   -1  6.0
       38  Arkell, Nicholas D            1b1  20w0  49b0  55w1  17w1  10b0  53b0  51w1  60b1  28w1   5b0   -1  6.0
       40  Robinson, James               3b0  60w1  55b1  18w1  14b0  20w0  12b0  58w1  66b1  29w½  31b½   -1  6.0
       47  Kane, Robert                 12b1   1w0  27b1  22w½  16b1   9w0  18b1  30b0  24w1  17b0  32w½   -1  6.0
       53  Graff, Ben                   17w0  73b0  52w1  32b0  63w1  42b1  38w1  28w0  18b1  34b0  50w1    1  6.0
 33.   24  Gostelow, David W            60b1  55w1   5b0  37w0  39b½  35w0  66b1  44w1  47b0  46w0  51w1    1  5.5
       35  Goler, Gunes                 71w1  13b0  57w½  28b0  59w1  24b1  26w0  39b1   9w0  44b0  68w1    1  5.5
       37  Friar, Joseph                73w1  17b0  58w1  24b1  13b0  18w1  22b½  26w0  31b0  33w0  59w1    1  5.5
       44  Child, Kieran                 6w0  67b1  32w1  17b1  15w0  16b½  34w0  24b0  39w1  35w1  12b0    1  5.5
 37.   18  Morris, Gareth               54w1  36b1   4w0  40b0  42w1  37b0  47w0  49b1  53w0  45b1  46b0   -1  5.0
       41  Ali, Golam                    4w0  65b1  26w0  69b1  29w0  72b1  16w0  50b1  32w0  73b0  56w1    1  5.0
       42  Olaleye, Oladejo              5b0  62w1   1b0  60w1  18b0  53w0  59b1  66w0  58b1  55w1  28b0   -1  5.0
       45  Moore, Andrew                 9b0  64w1  15b0  66w1  27b0  62w1  29b0  60w0  57b1  18w0  67b1   -1  5.0
       49  May, Julian                  13w0  71b1  38w1  26b½  28w½  32b0  31b0  18w0  67b1  66w0  72b1   -1  5.0
       50  Bull, Philip                 14b0  66w1  29b0  68w1  31b1  27w0  33b0  41w0  69b1  60w1  53b0   -1  5.0
       60  Gill, Martin                 24w0  40b0  67w1  42b0  69w1  17b0  72w1  45b1  38w0  50b0  55b1   -1  5.0
       66  Courouble, John              30w0  50b0  61w1  45b0  54w1  48b1  24w0  42b1  40w0  49b1  36w0    1  5.0
       73  Price, Mark                  37b0  53w1  39b1  25w0  33b0  46w0  62b1  48w0  52b1  41w1  29b0   -1  5.0
 46.   39  Fergusson, Matthew            2w0  63b1  73w0  58b1  24w½  26b0  57w1  35w0  44b0  59b0  52w1    1  4.5
       51  Giles, Alan                     +  22w0  31b0  12w0  62b0  65b1  67w1  38b0  68w½  69w1  24b0    0  4.5
       57  Madden, Jason                20b0  72w1  35b½  16w0  52w1  34b0  39b0  59w1  45w0  68b0  70b1   -1  4.5
       59  Barnett, Douglas             22b0  12w0  68b½  64w1  35b0  52b1  42w0  57b0  61w1  39w1  37b0   -1  4.5
       68  Adams, Christopher           32w0  52b½  59w½  50b0  58w0  63b0  71b1  62w1  51b½  57w1  35b0   -1  4.5
 51.   48  Hewitt, Sean                    -     =     =     =     =  66w0  63b1  73b1  36w0     -     -    0  4.0
       55  Reid, Conor                     +  24b0  40w0  38b0  65w1  12w0  69b1  46w0  72b1  42b0  60w0    0  4.0
       56  Carr, Matthew                   -     -     -     -     -     -     +     +     +  70w1  41b0    0  4.0
       58  Rivlin, Mark                    +  25w0  37b0  39w0  68b1  31w0  70b1  40b0  42w0  72w0  65b1    0  4.0
       62  Hapeshi, Eleanor             26w0  42b0  69w0  67b1  51w1  45b0  73w0  68b0  65w0  71b1  61w1    1  4.0
       67  Reid, Patrick                31b0  44w0  60b0  62w0  64b1  71w1  51b0  70w1  49w0  63b1  45w0    1  4.0
       72  King, Angus                  36w0  57b0  65w1  52b0  61b1  41w0  60b0  63w1  55w0  58b1  49w0    1  4.0
 58.   52  Rosser, Geoffrey C           16b0  68w½  53b0  72w1  57b0  59w0  61w0  64b1  73w0  65b1  39b0   -1  3.5
 59.   61  Pakenham, John H             25b0  15w0  66b0  71b1  72w0  70w0  52b1  69w0  59b0  64w1  62b0   -1  3.0
       63  Draper, Martin J             27b0  39w0  70b1  46w0  53b0  68w1  48w0  72b0  71b1  67w0  64b0   -1  3.0
       69  Fergusson, Andrew            33b0  46w0  62b1  41w0  60b0  64w1  55w0  61b1  50w0  51b0  71w0    1  3.0
       70  Vernon, Colin                34w0  54b0  63w0  65b0  71w1  61b1  58w0  67b0  64w1  56b0  57w0    1  3.0
 63.   65  Udathu, Nihaar               29b0  41w0  72b0  70w1  55b0  51w0  64b½  71w0  62b1  52w0  58w0    1  2.5
       71  Draper, James O              35b0  49w0  64b½  61w0  70b0  67b0  68w0  65b1  63w0  62w0  69b1   -1  2.5
 65.   64  Ricketts, Dave               28w0  45b0  71w½  59b0  67w0  69b0  65w½  52w0  70b0  61b0  63w1    1  2.0
 66.   54  Uddin, Moin                  18b0  70w1  33b0  27w0  66b0     -     -     -     -     -     -   -1  1.0

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