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27th Frome Congress

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 1:08 pm
by Gerry_Jepps
Below is the prize list for the very successful 27th Frome Congress. Full results tables can be seen here:

Results for Twenty-Seventh Frome Congress May 13th-15th 2016

179 players entered and winners were:

Open (FIDE-rated) :-

First: (4.5/5) David Buckley (Bath)

Second Equal (4/5) WFM Jane Richmond (Brown Jack), Tim Kett (Cardiff),
Matthew Payne (Bath)

British Championship Matthew Payne (Bath) 4/5
Qualifying Places George Crockart (Wilts), Scott Crockart (Didcot)
and David Onley (Combined services) 3.5/5

FIDE 1930 – 2030 Grading prize (3/5) Andreas Schmitz (Germany), William Taylor (London),
Joe Fathallah (Cardiff)

Under FIDE 1930 Grading Prize (3/5) Mark Littleton (Wimborne)

Major (U165):-

First Equal (4/5) James Forster (Southbourne), Brendan O’Gorman (DHSS),
Tim Woodward (Trowbridge), Lynda Roberts (Thornbury)

146-155 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Simon Morris (Hertford), Matthew Wilson (Torquay)

Under 146 Grading prize (3/5) Carl Biswas (Oxford City), David Jenkins (Penwith)

Intermediate (U140):-

First Equal (4.5/5) Hugo Fowler (Glastonbury), Robin Morris-Weston (Reading)
Third Equal (3.5/5) Graeme Ford (Salisbury), Ian Brooke (Oxford City, Mauro Farina (Bath),
Thomas Cooper (Devizes), Dave Agostinelli (Southampton),
Tim Jones (Bristol and Clifton), Stephen Williams (Cwmbran)

121-130 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Ian Brooke (Oxford City, Mauro Farina (Bath)

Under 121 Grading Prize (3.5/5) Graeme Ford (Salisbury)

Minor (U110):-

First Equal (4.5/5) Alastair Drummond (Bristol Cabot), Bill Read (Witney)

Third Equal (4/5) Georgia Headlong (Swindon), Robert Skeen (Churchill Academy),
Alan Fraser (Beckenham)

90-99 Grading Prize (3.5/5) David Woodruff (Keynsham), Phil Summers (Sportsman Kent)

Under 90 Grading Prize (2.5/5) Stuart Wood (Kynoch), Stephen Thorpe-Tracey (Tiverton),
David McIntosh (South Wales), Rachel McIntosh (South Wales),
Marian Cox (Southampton)

Somerset Trophies

Denys Bonner (Highest placed Somerset player in the Open): David Buckley (Bath)
Leon York Memorial (Highest placed Somerset player in the Major): Tim Woodward (Trowbridge)
Roy Hossell (Highest placed Somerset player in the Intermediate): Hugo Fowler (Millfield)
Cyril Chapman (Highest placed Somerset player in the Minor) Alastair Drummond (Bristol Cabot)
Jean Mackereth (Highest placed ungraded Somerset player in the Minor) Robert Skeen (Churchill Academy)

Team Competition

Bath A (David Buckley, Andrew Gregory, Mauro Farina, Peter Dimond)

Re: 27th Frome Congress

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:41 pm
by Brendan O'Gorman

Re: 27th Frome Congress

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 12:03 am
by Roger de Coverly
Brendan O'Gorman wrote:Photos:
There's a lurking GM as a spectator visible in one or two of the shots. If it's Saturday he's in a suit, on Sunday he was more casually dressed.