2020 Chess Results and Reports

Results of competitions with tables, or as much detail as is possible.
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Peter Hornsby
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2020 Chess Results and Reports

Post by Peter Hornsby » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:09 pm

These are listed below from this season:

22nd October 2016: Edinburgh Qualifier: http://2020chess.com/scotland.html
29th October 2016: London Qualifier: http://2020chess.com/london.html
12th November 2016: Leeds Qualifier: http://2020chess.com/leeds.html
21st January 2017: York Qualifier: http://2020chess.com/york.html
And most recently, the Birmingham Qualifier 28th January: http://2020chess.com/birmingham.html

Photos can be seen here: http://2020chess.com/photos.html

Well done to everyone who took part and many thanks to those volunteers and sponsors who have supported these events! :D
Founder and Director of 2020 Chess

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