Huddersfield Chess Congress

Results of competitions with tables, or as much detail as is possible.
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Huddersfield Chess Congress

Post by Chris Stratford » Tue May 22, 2007 5:34 pm

Open Winners
Nigel Davies GM was champion again but this year shared the honour with Stewart Haslinger IM - both with 4.5. Jos Wooley shared third place with Alan Byron and Peter Shaw.

There was one grading prize in the Open for the best U165 player - this was won by Michael Round and Dennis Owen, both with 3 points.

Major Winners
The Major was won by Mike Lally, the only person to have a 100% record followed by Peter Jaszkiwskyj with 4 points. Third was taken by Tim Turner and David Stephenson on 3.5.

A grading prize for the best U137 player was shared by Andrew Barber, Richard Boylan and Robert Clegg with 3 points. A second grading prize for the best U130 player was won by Ged Chandler and Martin Brown (equal best junior) with 3 points.

Minor Winners
The Minor section was won by both Robert Sutcliffe and Conrad Jowett with 4.5 points. Third place was shared by David Buckell and Andrew Hards with 4 points.

Grading prize winners for best U106 was won by Angel Gonzales, David Sugden and Rafael Ortega with 3.5 points. The second grading prize for best U81 was won by Joseph Morrison and Henry Broadley (equal best junior) with 3 points.

Thanks go to everyone who entered along with Chess Direct for supplying the equipment and the book shop, the Ukrainian Club, Huddersfield for the venue and bar, Jim Burnett and Rupert Jones for helping with the controlling of the event, and finally with everyone who helped with the refreshments.

For all scores see ... oards.html

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