DGT USB board for sale.

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Dewi Jones
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DGT USB board for sale.

Post by Dewi Jones » Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:22 pm

I have a dgt USB board for sale, with the timeless wooden pieces. I don't think I still have the box, though it may be in the attic. The board comes with a Digital Clock and I do have both the box and instructions for that. I also have an extra long USB cable, allowing you to play in a different room to that in which the computer is placed.

All in good working order. I am going to Telford for the congress next weekend, and could take it there for collection, otherwise it is collection from the North East of Wales.

I may get around to sticking it on eBay, and if I do I'll post a link here.

Here is a link to the type of board it is .....

https://shop.chess.co.uk/DGT-Sensory-Ch ... b01839.htm

Though that one is without a clock.

And looking at that it occurs to me that if I don't have the box then I don't have the disk with the drivers either, but these are freely available on the dgt website.

Feel free to send me an offer by DM.

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