The Sniper Portfolio 2012 - All 12 Sniper Products in binder

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The Sniper Portfolio 2012 - All 12 Sniper Products in binder

Postby Charlie Storey » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:41 pm

The Sniper Educational Portfolio 2012 £250

by Fide Master Charlie Storey AKA The Sniper Chief :)

I have completed my work on
The Black Sniper
The White Sniper
to create The Sniper Portfolio 2012

Since August 2011 I have played The Black & White Sniper in the Northumbria Chess League, Northumberland Rapidplay and Northumberland Zollner I have 14.5 / 15 with it, the only half point I dropped was vs IM Jonathan Hawkins who is currently rated ECF 254.

If you would like to immediate download of my Sniper Video Master and Grandmaster Packs to get a flavour of my dynamic chess DVD presentation style please click below;

1. The Black Sniper:
2. The White Sniper :

My rating performance at both rapidplay and long play with it is now hovering around 240 ECF!

It is with great pleasure I offer to you my entire Book / DVD Portfolio on The Sniper.

If you cannot affor my entire Sniper Portfolio just offer me a trade of goods to the value of £300 and if you can mail it or deliver it to Whitley Bay we can do that.

I notice that some Grandmaster in America has seen how brilliant The Sniper is and has without permission released a Sniper book. I will be expecting Royalties from him shortly :-)

The Sniper 2012 Educational

[All Sniper Products (below) in one great binder] £250

£14.99 Signed by Author ....The Sniper [Everyman Chess 2011] Book
£39.99 The Black Sniper Master Pack 6 Hours of DVD [2012]
£19.98 The Sniper Winning The Won Position DVD and The Sniper 10 Endgame Priority principles DVD. [2012]
£14.99 The White Sniper [Introduction] FOXY DVD 80 Minute DVD [2012]
£39.99 The White Sniper Manual 580 Page Book (over 1000 diagrams at moves 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18) [2012]
£24.99 The White Sniper Manual - .PDF 580 pages) Same as above but a .pdf [2012]
£59.99 The White Sniper Grandmaster Pack over 7 Hours of DVD [2012]
£9.99 White & Black Sniper .pgn database of all Sniper games from 2005-2012 by 2400+ strength players and all sorted by ECO Code. [2012]
£9.99 Bespoke Educational Sniper Binder to house all of the above.
£19.99 Signed for Secure International or UK Shipping
£19.99 1 Year subscribtion to 'The Sniper Monthly Update'
£24.99 1 hour Q and Answers session via Skype when you have absorbed the material and you have your questions - Or an entire 1 hour match on The Sniper - your choice.[/list]

This 2012 Portfolio Package is worth £300 and is the clinical way of taking your chess ability to a new level.
Buy it now from this secure 'e' bay shop (100% feedback!) and get ready to complete your chess education to take you to Master / Grandmaster level

£250 Buy this unique product direct from the author of all these products -
Fide Master and ex England Olympic Coach Charlie Storey all for just £25

I also have a monthly subscribtion site for The Black Sniper just £1.69 per month and view all past Monthly Updates of The Sniper
As a former England Olympiad Chess Course I also offer online chess lessons using Skype and your favourite chess server. I am quite expensive at £40 an hour but specialise in explaing Principles that will cascade and improve your play and I also specialise in Sniper Openings / MiddleGames / Endgames. In some cases I will trade my services for your unwanted items such as Bikes, Cars, Book Collections on Chess, Computers, XBOX et al!

Feel free to contact me through my website or email me at

Finally, I have a spare room at my 2 bed Beach Front Whitley Bay apartment ( Flexible terms - note 3 miles from this Years British Chess Championship! DSS Considered if strong enough!) and if you are a strong chessplayer looking to Power up to take your chess to the next level give me a call.

Thanks for reading - F.M. Charlie Storey AKA The Sniper Chief :)

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