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James Pratt
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BCM Goods

Post by James Pratt » Mon May 27, 2013 10:40 pm

Bound Volumes - £60 each + p & p. Maroon bound in Library Buckram, indexed, gold lettering on spine.

2008 Volume 128, 672 pages. World Championship: Kramnik versus Anand, ‘Spot the Continuation’, Book reviews by James Vigus, Tal Memorial, Mindsports in Beijing, Carlsen Interview (How much money do you earn?), Leko wins Dortmund, Gormally at Hartlepool, Letters to the Editor, Portisch 3 Marin 0, Aronian wins Wijk, Elo lists, News in Brief, Steve Giddins at Hastings. In an Icelandic hospital, Robert James Fischer (1943-2008), passes away. Rudd annotates and so on.

2009 Volume 129, 672 pages. Endgame Studies with John Beasley. Rogers at Biel (1st Maxime Vachier-Lagrave .. ). GAMES DEPARTMENT by Sam Collins. Speelman on the Endgame. Bilbao Grand Slam. Karpov-Kasparov in Valencia! David Howell shines in Torquay. Book reviews. ‘Chess Questions Answered’ by our own Gary Lane … and Ding Liren wins the Chinese Championship. A treat for any player!

2010 Volume 130, 672 pages. Smyslov, the Winter Chess King, dies. ‘The Carlsen Factor’. John Saunders at Hastings (plus nice colour photos!). Problem World with David Friedgood. What is ‘choda’? – see p.215. Kamsky wins at St Louis. Brilliant new Seirawan autobiography. Interview with Mickey Adams. Arkell’s Endgames.

2011 Volume 131, 672 pages. Gelfand wins the Kazan Candidates. Dearing’s Discoveries. “Quotes & Queries” looks at the Evans Gambit. ‘For Your Diary’ with Adam Raoof. Pritchett shines in Greece. New Fischer Film! Lloyds Bank Masters retrospective. ‘Chess: A New Form?’ asks Nigel Davies. Harman on Correspondence Chess. Lasker’s Devious Defence.

Individual Issues. Are your backnumbers complete? 56 pages, algebraic notation. These will not be around forever. Snap them up at today’s cover price. £4.20 + p&p.

Indexes. Perfect for research, reference and cross reference! 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. £2.50 each and stocks are dwindling.

Cordex Binders. Our best seller. Protect your cherished journals. Stylish grey marbling, scarlet bound boards. Ideal for the itinerant chessmaster on the move. £7.95 and a bargain.


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