Chess stuff for sale

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Chess stuff for sale

Post by Greg Breed » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:18 pm

Hi all,

I have below a list of items a friend is looking to sell. Total value new is in the region £290.
If anyone is interested in the whole lot or individual items please PM me with an offer.

Greg Breed

Chess Books
Teach yourself Chess Bill Harston
Secrets of Practical Chess John Nunn
Chess on the Web Sarah Hurst
The 2 f4 Sicillian Nigel Davies
Turnover Chess M.Basman
Improve your opening play Chris Ward
Archangel Krzysztof Panczyk with John Emms
Collins Gem Chess
The Sicilian and The Smith-Morra Gambit Declined Ken Smith

Chess Sets
Ornate mother of pearl- style set with spanish wooden pieces
Magnetic Chess & Checkers
WHSmith Chess Set (Board is worn)
Small classical wooden set with Avant-garde style pieces

Computer Software
Fritz 7 for PC
Chessmaster 9000 for PC
42 Chess magazines in good condition originally priced at 3.50 each

I have a 2Mb JPEG picture. Can a mod attach it for me somehow?
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