Review: Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2014 by Convekta

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Mats Winther
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Review: Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2014 by Convekta

Post by Mats Winther » Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:56 pm

I bought the Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2014 by Convekta for $29.95. It includes 5.4 million games and huge chess trees with both GM and computer evaluations. However, it didn't work properly on my desktop, probably on account of old hardware. But it functions fine on my laptop, although it runs exactly the same version of Win7. It's a very complicated software, probably a slimmed-down Chess Assistant. It includes some powerful chess engines, but should also be capable of running the freely downloadable Stockfish, which is next strongest in the world. One can play against the engines, and engine lines can be automatically inserted as comments. It presents the trees either as ECO trees, which are exportable, or as CA trees. One can also create user trees. Although there seems to be a problem with stability, at least on older hardware, I must say it is remarkable value for money.

M. Winther

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