Knights facing forwards.

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Re: Knights facing forwards.

Post by Kevin Thurlow » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:38 pm

"Chequers was a Cafe in North London, the (now deceased) owner of which had some fights with the BCF and other parts of the chess establishment. It wasn't just controversial for printing Knights the wrong way round.

From memory there was a Short v Kasparov 6 game rapid play match in the later 1980s which was made for television (Thames), the game scores of which were attempted to be published by Chequers Chess when there was an embargo on publication before the broadcast.

Also there was an international tournament "Chess for Peace" for which flyers were issued at the preceding Lloyds Bank tournament threatening that the BCF wouldn't rate it.

No first hand knowledge, but all night Blitz tournaments also took place. Were there accusations of promised prize money not being paid?"

I played in Chess For Peace - the first round was chaotic as loads of alleged entrants didn't turn up. There were supposed to be huge numbers of world class players, but it didn't work out like that. However I did play someone from Israel and someone from Palestine Liberation Organization (they weren't the same person obviously). I assume they didn't play each other either...

I did ask Ray to autograph a Chequers book he wrote, and he complained that Mr Amin had only paid him half the agreed fee, so he would only give me half a signature, therefore he signed it, "Best wishes, Ray".

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