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British Championship 2020

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:53 pm
by Roger de Coverly
It appears from the latest Board minutes, that the British Championship Congress is reverting to a two week format of sorts in 2020. ... ration.pdf
18.Dates for the 2020 British Championships (AE)–AE explained that the currently planned date for the British 2020 Championships would clash with the Olympiad and moving forwards or backwards would clash with school term dates in different parts of Great Britain. AE proposed and it was agreed that the start of the British Championships for 2020 should be brought forward by a week and the event extended to run as a 14 day event from 18thJuly to 31stJuly. This would allow the main events to start in the first week and the junior sections in the second week
The Olympiad is from 1st to 15th August 2020, so equivalent dates to 2014. It will be recalled in 2014 that the British Championship started and finished early, whilst the rest of the Congress followed the then usual schedule. This did however cause some overlap with school dates.