Invoice from ECF / Paul Buswell ?

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Kevin Thurlow
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Re: Invoice from ECF / Paul Buswell ?

Post by Kevin Thurlow » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:46 am

"I think in fairness to the office it should be pointed out that over the last year there have been considerable gaps of knowledge as a result of the sudden death of John Philpott."

Indeed - John is greatly missed.

The point with DWP, HMRC, Councils and many private businesses is that they operate on quotas and have insufficient staff. Low paid staff have to do "X things" a week, so sometimes send out bills, statements etc., without really looking at them just to make the quota. Money is much more important than quality. Then the recipient has to do the work instead, or (more likely), just pay up as they can't be bothered. More extreme cases have arisen where CPS and police don't do their jobs properly and force people to prove their own innocence.

I doubt that ECF is deliberately sending out wrong bills, but I suspect there are not many people doing the (probably voluntary) work, so mistakes happen.

Michael Flatt
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Re: Invoice from ECF / Paul Buswell ?

Post by Michael Flatt » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:45 pm

This season the system has been changed so that invoices are sent out shortly after results of events have been submitted for grading. They are sent to the Treasurer identified in the grading submission file.

I've had an invoice for a recent junior event of mine and it correctly identifies those players not having Silver membership at the time of the competition. It requires payment within 28 days.

I don't think Hants juniors' organiser disputes the accuracy of the bill, but comments that it might have been reduced had he encouraged juniors to sign up as Silver members before the event.

I recall in another forum thread a particular junior organiser/grading officer automatically signed up juniors for the one year free Junior Silver membership at the time of submitting his results and recommended others should do the same.

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