Moyse’s Hall Museum: Fifteenth Century Gaming Piece

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Moyse’s Hall Museum: Fifteenth Century Gaming Piece

Post by JustinHorton » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:44 pm

While examining the contenders for the Suffolk Museum Object of the Year 2017 I noticed that one of the contenders, from the Moyse’s Hall Museum, was a Fifteenth Century Gaming Piece.

It is described thus: this Medieval Knight on horseback is the better preserved of two beautifully detailed gaming pieces found in the Abbey precinct during excavations in the mid 19th century. (The other is of a Queen, also mounted on a horse).

The commentary continues: little is known about it, although research suggests it originated on the Continent

and concludes thus: it was chosen as Moyse’s Object of the Year by a visiting language school work experience student, and keen chess fan!

So having seen it, I mention it here for information. I wonder who the "keen chess fan" was?
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