En Passant incident...

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Re: En Passant incident...

Post by Paul McKeown » Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:52 pm

Kevin Thurlow wrote:So we don't need to ban either player for life, just gently suggest they learn the Laws.
I was going to suggest ritual boarding on the village green...
Kevin Thurlow wrote:"Apparently, the player who forgot to remove the pawn when he captured it en passant wanted to remove it several moves later in the position they had then reached, and the opponent objected to this. It seems that neither player knew that they should go back to the position when the illegal move was played."

Well - that clarifies matters. It helps to get all the facts before making decisions.
Which is again why I prefaced my posting with:
Paul McKeown wrote:IF it is as you have reported, John, and not some partially half-reported incident (such as the recent 10.2 nonsense... :( ):
John's mischievous sense of humour seems to cause him to half-report incidents at the moment so as to keep the pot boiling... :shock:

Personally, I'm not sure why games between novices who don't yet know how to move the pieces correctly should be graded...

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