Another question about the King's Indian defence.

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Re: Another question about the King's Indian defence.

Post by Ola Winfridsson » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:39 pm

Sean Hewitt wrote:I think it's important to pick openings that suit your style of play. By that, I mean that lead to a position that you think "I like that" or "I know what to do from here". Too many times inexperienced players learn the moves of an opening, only to realise that once they are 'out of book' they don't like their position and / or have no idea what to do with it.

So when you are looking at an opening (in a book or a database) ask yourself if you would like to play on from there. If not, it's time to look for a different opening.
Wisely spoken, Sean!

Robert: The only thing I'd like to add to Sean's advice is that, depending on your own long-term ambitions, those openings or positions that you find you don't like, could be something to return to later, in order to try to master them, and develop your game further.

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Re: Another question about the King's Indian defence.

Post by Arshad Ali » Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:21 pm

Jonathan Bryant wrote:
Robert Stokes wrote:... he always wins. In order to have a better chance of getting at least a draw, I have been studying the opening.
This is unlikely to work. If he's always beating you it's because he's better at chess than you, not because he knows the King's Indian better than you. ...
Not sure about that. Studying the KID will improve his chances (and make him a stronger player as well). One place to start might be Bellin and Ponzetto's Mastering the King's Indian Defence (don't know whether it's still in print or used copies floating around). There are a number of plans against the classical set-up. Find one, focus on it, and look at a number of master games (ChessBase is handy for this sort of thing, but not necessary). For example, you might opt for the 9. b2-b4 line. Doing a Google search, I came up with this thread:

(and then realised I am "slybackstabber").

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