B C M 12/11

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James Pratt
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B C M 12/11

Post by James Pratt » Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:51 pm

In this month’s issue

618 Media News – Alex replaced
622 Lloyds Bank Masters Part 4: Stewart Reuben concludes the tale of
the great Swiss
625 Quotes & Queries Alan Smith and his bunch of goodies
626 GAMES DEPARTMENT – Gems from our own “Mr Chess”
630 Endings for Experts with Grandmaster Nick Pert
632 Spot the Continuation
634 Anarchy in Newport! IM Jack Rudd
637 News from the British Isles
640 It’s Going to Happen exclaims WFM Evans when confronted with
Karpov’s green eyes
642 Ask the Arbiter – Alex Mac tells us how it is
644 Spot the Continuation Solutions
646 Letters and DVD Review (Ken Coates)
647 Practical Play – our own AJ Dommett
648 Endgame Studies – Generous Christmas helpings!
649 Problems with new columnist, Christopher Jones
650 European Team Championships – Adams shines but England disappoints
654 News from Abroad – Hunt in Hungary, Conquest over in Holland,
Chinese League ...
656 Book Reviews
657 Reviews + Study Solution (IRW)
658 Correspondence Chess with Kenny Harman
660 Dearing’s Discoveries
664 Readers Games
670 Two League Games

£45 per annum (UK)
Write to
Warners, Albany House, 14 shute End, Wokingham, Berks, England RG40
1BJ. www.britishchessmagazine.co.uk

John Upham
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Re: B C M 12/11

Post by John Upham » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:03 pm

The December 2011BCM is now published and the front cover and contents may be seen at


Enjoy! :D
British Chess News : britishchessnews.com
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