BCM: January 2012

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John Upham
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BCM: January 2012

Postby John Upham » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:54 pm

The January 2012 issue of BCM is today available from the top shelves and behind the counter of most leading newsagents and high-class outlets.

We asked that the normal plastic wrapper be replaced with a brown paper one to add to the excitement but this was not available at short notice. :D

In this month’s issue
2 Media News
6 IM Adam Hunt takes a look at a new DVD release
7 Quotes & Queries: Alan Smith
9 The London Chess Classic with notes by IM Andrew Martin
14 Endings for Experts by Grandmaster Nick Pert
16 Spot the Continuation
18 Tal Memorial. Depth in Moscow uncovered by Carl Gorka
22 Ask the Arbiter with Alex McFarlane
24 ‘Chess and Politics’ – Neville Twitchell
27 Endgame Studies (IRW). What is anti-castling?
28 Spot the Continuation Solutions
29 Problem World explained by our own Christopher Jones
30 News from the British Isles
32 Book Reviews
34 Endgame Study Solution (IRW)
35 Practical Play with Alan Dommett
36 News from Abroad – from Brazil to Russia and back in time for TNs
38 Correspondence Chess with Kenny Harman. Julian Corfield profiled
40 Test Your Chess with IM Shaun Taulbut
44 The Sabrina Chevannes Interview. Punchy replies from the Lady of Dolphin Square
50 Contemporary Opening Theory 1 d4 f5 with thanks to Grandmaster Glenn Flear
54 Sam at the Back

and here is the splendid front cover:
BCM, January 2012, front cover
2012_01_front_small.jpg (16.77 KiB) Viewed 1349 times

James Pratt
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Re: BCM: January 2012

Postby James Pratt » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:40 pm


James Pratt
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Re: BCM: January 2012

Postby James Pratt » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:41 pm

:shock: whilst browsing at the CHESS & Bridge Shop in Baker Street last week I saw this Tal issue marked at £1 a throw. Collecting backnumbers is an economic way to build a library and a number of Public Libraries get BCM. If you can't afford to subscribe don't forget us is what I am saying!

James Pratt

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