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Michael Mkpadi
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Chess Club Live - Facebook Chess Club

Post by Michael Mkpadi » Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:39 pm

We started out as chess page called Facebook Chess Club, in those days Facebook didnt care what you called your pages, now we have renamed to Chess Club Live (

Our website is entirely free, no charge at all for anything. We are determined to match all the functionality of paid sites like and gameknot. Why pay more? In addition to the usually standard chess website functionality we at Chess Club Live go further with a online computer who helps you train and improve your Openings, Middlegame and Endgame skills. We run tournaments which are user created and award medals to users who excel on the website. We also have the finest chess page on Facebook and are proud to count many titled chess players as our fans.

Like who I hear you ask, well Alexandra Kostenuik, Nigel Short, Susan Polgar, are among some of our high profile chess fans. We guest host Magnus Carlsen's blog and have Alexandra Kostenuik contributing to our page regularly.

We are the best kept secret in Chess social media. ;-)

Come and check out Chess Club Live today.
Chess is a conversation. At Chess Club Live everyone can join that conversation whatever your elo rating. :D

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