BCM (08/12)

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James Pratt
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BCM (08/12)

Post by James Pratt » Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:57 pm

Having a good Summer?
Try Britain's oldest chess magazine. **Why! Oldest in the World**A5 56 pages. Algebraic notation. Subscribe today +44(0) 1252 514372.

394 DVD Reviews
398 Anand-v-Gelfand with IM Shaun Taulbut - we conclude ..
405 Quotes & Queries
406 :D Games Department by IM Andrew Martin :)
410 News from the British Isles
412 Test Your Chess A massive exam on the Budapest with the late JE Littlewood.
416 Spot the Continuation
417 Endgame Studies – Ian Watson
418 Offbeat Chess
421 The British is in North Shields – Part 1
422 Problem World
423 Practical Play Alan talks about Allan
424 News from Abroad
426 Book Reviews: Are you as bad as us and can’t stop buying them?
428 Study Solution
429 Endings for Experts with Grandmaster Nick
432 Chess Questions Answered
438 Game of the Month by GM David Howell
442 Ask the Arbiter - Alex Mac, of course!
446 A welcome return of Britain’s youngest chess columnist!

1,2,3 year subscriptions available. 12 issues p.a. Extended problems and studies sections. Gary Lane a regular columnist now! More interviews planned!! League, rapidplay and national championships covered in some depth.

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James Pratt
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BCM (09/12)

Post by James Pratt » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:14 pm

Game of the Month with David Howell/ News from the British Isles/ The British is in North Shields II /Games Department with :D IM Andrew Martin :D / Spot the Continuation Gligo Style! + Test Your Chess with IM Shaun Taulbut @@The Stefano Tatai Interview @@@ Amsterdam, 2012 Delancey UK Schools . Practical Play with Alan Dommett (two great games!) .Endgame Studies (IRW) .Problem World with Christopher Jones /News from Abroad – the World Junior, Russia, USA … .Book Review with Colin Lyne ..An Overlooked but Dynamic Anti-Sicilian by Tim Spanton. Obituary: Svetozar Gligoric (1923-2012). A legend shuffles from the stage. Chess Questions ?? Answered: [Gary Lane has all the answers] Endings for Experts with Grandmaster Nick// Sam at the Back; just back from another IM norm performance, of course.

56 pages of joy, instruction, fun, games and chatter. Book a sub today. Bound volumes, indexes, cordex binders now available. Join us on Kindle!

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