The British Chess Magazine (02/13)

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James Pratt
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The British Chess Magazine (02/13)

Post by James Pratt » Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:29 pm

In next month's issue:
* Roger Taylor on the cover
* Obituaries
* Endings for Experts with Grandmaster Nick
* :) Games Department at Wijk with IM Andrew Martin :)
* Hastings 2012/13 with the great IM Tom Rendle!
* Spot the Continuation
* Q&Q: Exchange Sacrifices from all eras. When was the first Sicilian Dragon played?
* Chess at Hulton's - we open the archive
* One Hundred and Fifty Years Ago by Nevil Coles. An old favourite returns ...
* Endgame Studies (IRW)
* Some Problems by the late Tony Lewis
* News from Abroad
* Media News - Hobbits, Metros and Islands
* Correspondence Chess
* Test Your Chess with IM Shaun Taulbut
* Chess Questions Answered with IM Gary Lane
* Sam at the Back - the sharpest analyst in town.
Plus - Game of the Month with - of course - David Howell

Individual copies available. 56 pages, algebraic notation. Available via your usual stockists. Subscribe today and save! Ask about our Cordex Binders. Bound volumes - several years - now being stocked.

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