October BCM Content & Authors

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October BCM Content & Authors

Post by John Upham » Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:35 pm

The October 2015 issue of British Chess Magazine is available in printed and various digital formats and contains the following content:

Northern Universities Chess Championship 508: Isobel Cotogni
Streetfighter Chess 509: Andrew Burnett
Chess Boxing 512: Mark Collinson
Games Department 513: IM Andrew Martin
Quotes and Queries 517: AA Smith
The Shock of the New 521: Theo Slade
Endgames for Experts 523: GM Nick Pert
Guest Columnist 526: IM Yang-Fan Zhou
Chess Questions Answered 528: IM Gary Lane
Amazing Success 533:IM Julian Meszaros
Club Knight 536: Tyson Mordue
Double Exchange Sacrifices: Part 3 541: A Chistiakov
Congress Diary 541: Mark A. Jordan
News from the British Isles 543
News from Abroad 545
Problem World 548: CGM Christopher Jones
Bound Volumes 551
Endgame Studies 552: Ian Watson
Abu Dhabi Masters 553
Openings for Amateurs 557: Pete Tamburro

The front cover can be seen here

For more detail see here :D
British Chess News : britishchessnews.com
Twitter: @BritishChessNew
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/britishchess :D

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