2016 Candidates iPools site

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Tristan McDonald
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2016 Candidates iPools site

Post by Tristan McDonald » Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:27 pm

Really enjoyed reading everyone's views about the Candidates and very excited myself....best multi-player tournament since Mexico City 2007 which I watched live (better online)

Hopefully it's ok to post on here that if anyone fancies a flutter on the tournament then have a crack at our Moscow Candidates 2016 prediction pool on http://www.i-pools.co.uk

Our games are officially betting so you can't play if you're under 18 (sorry) but we like to think of ourselves as the Thinking Fan's betting site. You just play against other players not against the house! We run pools on all the major chess tournaments and would love to see you there if you like that kind of thing.

Sorry to take up your time if not :) Can't wait to tune into Chess24 on Friday!

Good Luck

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