Charity walk

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Matthew Parry
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Charity walk

Post by Matthew Parry » Tue May 17, 2016 10:03 am

Dear all

I was torn between 'adverts' and 'non-chess' but decided that this was probably the best place. Anyway, in the absence for a month or so of serious chess I have decided to be more active and have signed up to walk 47 miles in 24 hours for charity. The charity is the Community Sports foundation which, while lacking the headline catching nature of many charities does do significant work in the community and is backed by Norwich City FC; a blatant shout out to anyone in East Anglia!

I'm asking for a maximum of £5 as a donation as I appreciate that there are many calls on time and money, but whether you do or don't, please consider sharing the message. The link is below.

Many thanks for your time! ... thewParry2


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