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Bernard Cafferty's Collected Games - now on BritBase

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:30 pm
by John Saunders
I have just published a zipped PGN file of 1,403 games played by Bernard Cafferty on BritBase...

As I explained on the web page, this has been quite an undertaking. Bernard kindly lent me his scorebooks and scoresheets and I have been busy inputting those games which were not already on BritBase or other databases - nearly a thousand games (it kept me busy for some months, on and off). It stretches from 1950 to 2009 - nearly sixty years of competitive chess! - from Bernard's first school matches right through to his recent games in the 4NCL and Hastings Premier. It doesn't claim to be complete as we've not been able to trace some games, even some complete tournaments. I have combed through all back-numbers of BCM but not CHESS magazine (because I don't have a complete run of those). It would be very handy if some helpful individual with a good run of CHESSes could do the same. Also, it would be good if someone could trace a bulletin of the 1971 Albena (BUL) tournament which Bernard played in as we still haven't traced all those games.

If some of you young 'uns out there don't know who Bernard is... tut tut! You can always look him up on Wikipedia (and, yes, I wrote most of that, too).

Whilst I think of it, it would be good if we could have similar collections of games of other distinguished senior members of the British chess community. Bob Wade and John Littlewood are two names which immediately spring to mind. Is anyone collecting their games? If so, could I have them for publication on BritBase? Mind you, thinking about it, to input all of Bob Wade's games would probably require the inputter living as long as he did... I have asked Michael Franklin but he tells me he doesn't keep his old scoresheets. Jonathan Penrose is another name which comes to mind and I'm sure there are plenty more. Tony Miles? That would be good. Who has all his scoresheets? Bernard's file contains a few games with Tony Miles which haven't seen the light of day before, by the way.

Re: Bernard Cafferty's Collected Games - now on BritBase

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:27 pm
by John Saunders
Quick update - the file has already grown to 1,404 games, thanks to an instant response from James Coleman. He sent me a game he played against Bernard at Hastings in 2000/1. Thanks, James. This reminds me to point out that Bernard and I have yet to work systematically through his games from the post-2000 period (though there are already quite a few games from that period there). I don't yet have Bernard's post-2000 file of games in my hands to do the post-2000 updating but when I do, I'll update the download. I'll flag it up on the forum when it happens.