International Round-up 7/2/12

The very latest International round up of English news.
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International Round-up 7/2/12

Post by LawrenceCooper » Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:37 am

International Round-up 7/2/12

Bundesliga 4th-5th February 2012 ... u=inactive ... u=inactive ... bundesliga ... ng-board-2

SG Trier had David Howell on board two and Stewart Haslinger on board six whilst Luke McShane was on board three for Werder Bremen and Gawain Jones played on board three for SC Remagen.

Luke’s score of 3.5/4 this season takes his live FIDE rating to 2701 although there are six rounds left before the league will be rated in the May 2012 list.

Round 8 results:

Bremen 5.5-2.5 Katernberg Bd 3: GM Nazir Firman (2517) 0-1 Luke McShane
Hamburg 2.5-5.5 SG Trier Bd 2: IM Niclas Huschenbeth (2510) 0def-1 David Howell
Hamburg 2.5-5.5 SG Trier Bd 6:GM Karsten Muller (2534) 0.5-0.5 Stewart Haslinger
SC Remagen 4-4 Dortmund Bd 3: IM Thomas Henrichs (2473) 0.5-0.5 Gawain Jones

Round 9 results:

Mülheim 2.5-5.5 Bremen Bd 3: Luke McShane 1-0 GM Vladimir Potkin (2671)
SG Trier 3.5-4.5 SF Berlin Bd 2: David Howell 0-1 GM Lev Aronian (2807)
SG Trier 3.5-4.5 SF Berlin Bd 6: Stewart Haslinger 0-1 IM Ilja Schneider (2472)
Wattenscheid 5-3 SC Remagen Bd 3: Gawain Jones 0-1 GM Sebastian Bogner (2534)

4NCL Northern League Barcelo Majestic Hotel (Harrogate) 4-5 Feb 2012 ... 3n-rd4.htm ... 3n-rd5.htm ... rd6.htm#t1

Round 5:

Holmes Chapel (0) Manchester Manticores (0) 4.5-1.5
North East England (8) Bradford DCA Knights B (6) 3-3
Cheddleton 2 (4) Jorvik (6) 4-2

Round 6 Jamboree:

Cheddleton 4.5, Jorvik 3.5, North East England 3.5, Bradford DCA B 3, Holmes Chapel 2.5, Manchester Manticores 1 (-1 for default).

Match points after six rounds: North East England 11, Bradford DCA B, Cheddleton 2 & Jorvik 8, Holmes Chapel 2, Manchester Manticores 0.

The leagues now merges with Division Three South for the final two weekends of the league with all match points carried forward.

First Saturday Budapest HUN Sat 4th Feb 2012 - Tue 14th Feb 2012 ... =1&flag=30

Mark Lyell is on 0/3 and Adam Musson 0/2 in the IM section.

Future events:

4NCL Divisions 1 & 2 11-12 February 2012 Sunningdale
4NCL Division 3 South Latimer Place

e2e4 Brighton International & Seniors 15-19 February 2012

There will be a series of all-play-alls with IM, WGM and WIM norms available in the Masters. The Challengers is open to players rated over 1900 or ECF grade 150 whilst the Major accommodates players below 2000 or ECF 165.

Bunratty Chess Festival 17-19 February 2012

Entries include grandmasters Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Gawain Jones, Mark Hebden, Nicholas Pert, Peter Wells, Simon Williams and Keith Arkell.

Bundesliga 25th-26th February 2012 ... u=inactive

In addition to the individual websites the latest international chess news can be found at
the following link:

I encourage players to send me details of events they or others are playing in abroad and I will do my best to include them in my round-up. There is a list of international tournaments at home and abroad listed here:

Lawrence Cooper,
Director of International Chess 7/2/12

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Re: International Round-up 7/2/12

Post by Mick Norris » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:42 pm

24 Feb to 4 March with Mark Hebden and Keith Arkell
Any postings on here represent my personal views and should not be taken as representative of the Manchester Chess Federation

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