International Round-up 24/4/12

The very latest International round up of English news.
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International Round-up 24/4/12

Post by LawrenceCooper » Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:35 am

International Round-up 24/4/12

Thailand Open 13-19 April 2012 ... ES&flag=30 ... ES&flag=30 ... ES&flag=30

Congratulations to Nigel Short who won the open with 8/9 performing at 2768 which should ensure he is over 2700 on the May rating list.

Tristan Cox scored 5/9 with a performance of 2337 gaining forty rating points, including a draw with Vietnamese IM Nguyen Van Huy rated 2485 and a win against GM Wong Meng Kong. Peter Darby scored 4, Martin Greenwood 2 & Mark McCready 0.

In the Challengers David Gates scored 5/7, Mark Ruston and Stephen Curry 4.5, Laurence Parrott 3.5 and David Mcgladdery 2.

World Amateur Championship Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 15-23 April 2012

Dominic Gibbs scored 5.5/9, Jonathan Pein 5, Luke Remus Elliot 3 and Tate Remus Elliot 2.5 in the World Amateur.

Malcolm Pein and Ravi Haria scored 5 and Isaac Sanders 4 in the Alexander the Great Open.

Aegean Cup and Team Championship, Leros, Greece, 16-22 April 2012 ... n=1&snr=29

Adam Hunt scored 3.5/5 on top board as his team ΜΠΣ ΝΕΩΝ ΛΕΡΟΥ ΑΡΤΕΜΗ won the title on tie-break from ΣΟ ΙΚΑΡΙΑΣ whilst Michael Singleton was board one for ΑΣ ΚΑΖΩΝΗΣ ΚΑΛΥΜΝΟΥ and scored 3/5 including a win against Adam. His team finished third.

Future events:

8th World School Individual Chess Championship Iasi, Romania 28 April - 6 May ... &Itemid=28 ... s-boys.pdf ... -girls.pdf

There will be twenty-three English and one Welsh player in the event:

Under 7s: Callaghan McCarty-Snead & Jeff Tomy.
Under 9s: Joshua Altman & Tate Remus-Elliot.
Under 11s: Luke Remus-Elliot, Max Elliott, Samuel McConnell & James Moreby.
Under 13s: Samuel Cobbold, Joseph Dalton, Jake Liang, Akito Oyama, Alexander Vanlint, Ananth Vijay Kumar, Yang-Jian Zhou & Richard Zhu.
Under 15s: Joseph Friar.
Under 17s: No English entries.

Under 11 Girls: Meytal Cohen and Imogen Camp (Wales).
Under 13 Girls: Karina Chan, Eleanor Hapeshi & Anna Purvis.
Under 15 Girls: Jennifer Neil.
Under 17 Girls: Phoebe Price.

The coaches will be Sabrina Chevannes, Lawrence Cooper, Jim Friar, Adam Hunt, Neil McDonald and Tserendori Sainbayar. My thanks to Phil Ehr and Jim Wadsworth for organising the English participation.

4NCL All Divisions Barcelo Hotel, Hinckley Island 5-7 May 2012

e2e4 Amersham Congress 18th - 20th May 2012

There will be three sections, Masters, Challengers (U2000/ECF 170) and Major (U1750/ECF 140).

e2e4 London Diamond Jubilee Congress 2nd - 6th June 2012

There will be three sections, Masters, Challengers (U2050/ECF 175) and Major (U1800/ECF 145).

In addition to the individual websites the latest international chess news can be found at
the following link:

I encourage players to send me details of events they or others are playing in abroad and I will do my best to include them in my round-up. There is a list of international tournaments at home and abroad listed here:

My next round-up will be on the 8th May.

Lawrence Cooper,
Director of International Chess 24/4/12

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