Digital SLRs?

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John Upham
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Digital SLRs?

Post by John Upham » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:53 am

I'm contemplating buying a serious Digital SLR camera to replace my Leica M4-2 and various lenses. Any recommendations? Nikon, Canon?
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John Foley
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Re: Digital SLRs?

Post by John Foley » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:02 pm

I suggest something which takes in enough light that you do not need the flash during chess tournaments. Even a barely visible infra-red range-finder red dot can give arbiters anxious moments as I discovered at the British Champs.

John McKenna
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Re: Digital SLRs?

Post by John McKenna » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:44 pm

"... barely visible infrared range-finder red dot..." Sounds like somebody's playing the 'sniper'!
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Wilf Arnold
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Re: Digital SLRs?

Post by Wilf Arnold » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:10 pm

20 years ago I got a Canon EOS-10s in the States - an old fashioned 'analogue' film camera. It is a nice piece of kit.

A few years ago I wanted to modernise to a DSLR and so bought a Canon 350-D, which took my 10s lens. Again I'm very pleased with this. On the strength of this I had a friend who later bought a 450D, and he's very pleased with his. I also know another couple of people who have bought EOS 550D and 600D models. Both are highly delighted with them, although I must admit that to me the newer models don't seem to feel as robust as their older brothers.

I only know Leica cameras through reputation for high quality lenses and bodies and so I'd recommend that if you're looking at Canon you avoid the 3 digit camera models as these are 'entry' level, and go for either the 2 digit (e.g. 60D) or better still 1 digit (e.g. 5D) models.

When it comes to lenses I got mine with the standard 18-55 zoom lens which is fine. Last year I bought a 55-250 lens and I'm still trying to get used to it's autofocusing 'characteristics' - usually I switch it to manual for long range shots at 250 mm.

Although you can get cheaper deals on the internet I think you'll find it worthwhile to cultivate a relationship with a proper dealer - especially when it comes to lens selection (see my experience above) - there are lots of overlapping lenses out there and it's important you get the right one for what you want.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Digital SLRs?

Post by guyhayton » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:16 pm

John Upham wrote:I'm contemplating buying a serious Digital SLR camera to replace my Leica M4-2 and various lenses. Any recommendations? Nikon, Canon?
As you are currently using an absolutely excellent camera already with various lenses the choice (in my honest opinion) has to be made by handling some cameras in a store and going with what "feels right" - this is going to be an emotive decision.

I am personally a Nikon man - have been for years and have multiple bodies and compacts. I started off with a Canon, bought lenses and was happy with the results. THEN I HANDLED AND BORROWED A FRIENDS NIKON D100

If I am honest, the photographs were not any better, but I enjoyed the taking of the photos more... the camera just fitted in my hand better, I preferred the position of the adjustment dials.

So, I sold and traded in all my Canon kit (at a loss) and bought into the whole Nikon package. Please don't do the same as me. Go and handle some of the equipment in a friendly store before committing to either Canon or Nikon.

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