Buying things second hand

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Geoff Chandler
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Re: Buying things second hand

Post by Geoff Chandler » Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:55 pm

"Again the vast majority of the time it will be an illegal copy" [E-Bay software]

I buy and sell on E-Bay all the time.

I have always got the genuine article. Never a copy.
(had a buyer once who wanted a copy of a CD I was selling at a reduced

If you do get a copy of instead of the genuine article tell E-Bay and they take severe action
against the seller.

Typing in the program name + serial number seemed an obvious try.
I was surprised at the number of acual hits.
Words like 'fully cracked' in some on the site blurbs were a warning.
(Cracked means it will run without a password though god alone knows what else
you are putting on your computer.)

If you have an issue take it to Google and tell them finding these sites should not be so easy.

Out of curiousity I just typed in Cracked + Fritz.

Hundreds all claiming to give me the latest Fritz.
Do Chessbase know about these sites or are Google making money from them.

I have an e-book coming out soon, no doubt it too will get hacked.
(Infact I won't think it's any good unless it does get hacked. It's as good as getting a good review.)

Carol Williams
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Re: Buying things second hand

Post by Carol Williams » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:21 pm

Nick Burrows wrote:
Andrew Martin wrote:25p maybe?
Nice contribution. Thanks again.
I don't think people should be ridiculed for purchasing from Ebay – apart from the fact that people (including myself) can purchase items at a price they can afford it also helps towards the recycling of product rather than continuing to dump in landfill sites. There are a number of items produced by Andrew Martin for sale on Ebay – if he thinks the value of the product you purchased is 25p I wonder what the value of his items are.

Nick – If there is a particular game you want looked at or specific variation pm me and I will get Peter to look at it for you

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