So… what seems to be the problem

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So… what seems to be the problem

Post by Peter D Williams » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:02 pm

Afternoon all :D

This caught my eye today in the daily mail.
Ho Lung calmly walked into A&E having climbed five flights of stairs
With the knife embedded in his skull, he asked to see a doctor
Receptionist was so shocked he had to bend down to prove it was real
Surgeons spent 3 hours removing the knife and he went home straight after
He would only say the injury was caused by a game gone wrong ... -head.html

Well i managing to tidy up the garden and with anther good day of sunshine forecast tomorrow i will continue to make good progress.
carol cooking chicken Wellington tonight that will be yummy :D
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when you are successful many losers bark at you.

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