Aliens in yellow suits? Or (he's) just mad about saffron?

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Aliens in yellow suits? Or (he's) just mad about saffron?

Post by John McKenna » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:03 am

Greetings Earthlings!

There has been some mention of "aliens in yellow suits" and how the head of a certain body must be nuts because he has admitted that he closely encountered them. However, when this is examined in the light of Buddhism (the main religion of that man's people) it seems to be more understandable.

In the article linked to below is a painting entitled -

Twenty-five Bodhisattvas Descending from Heaven. (Japanese painting, c. 1300)

The colour of the Bodhisattvas' 'suits' is not that clear but has a distinct yellow tinge.

The importance of the colour yellow, or saffron to be exact, in Buddhism can be seen in -

"Buddhist monks wear saffron-coloured robes; however, the robes are not dyed with costly saffron but tumeric, a less expensive dye, or jackfruit. Monks' robes are dyed the same color to show equality with each other..."

[NB: "Despite such attempts at quality control and standardisation, an extensive history of saffron adulteration—particularly among the cheapest grades—continues into modern times. Adulteration was first documented in Europe's Middle Ages, when those found selling adulterated saffron were executed under the Safranschou code." (A good old example of Trading Standards enforcing the rules in extremis!)]

So perhaps it is a Western misconception to simply equate an Eastern experience - rooted in Buddhism - with a pure and simple encounter of the fourth kind - if there is such a thing.

Or could it be that if someone had spoken of being transported to Heaven by Bodhisattvas, instead, they would have got far less publicity good or bad, or even worse - no publicity at all!?

There may be method in the madness (about saffron).

Edit: Sorry Roger, you hadn't done your 9,974th post when I last looked so thought I was good to go.
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