100 Word Story

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Neil Graham
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100 Word Story

Post by Neil Graham » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:23 am

Whilst searching the depths of my documents folder for some long forgotten item. I came across an entry I'd written for a "100 word story competition". Obviously it must have impressed the judges so much that it never made the short list - however I append this literacy treat below. Perhaps some other contributors might contribute their efforts - doesn't have to be chess themed! :)

Check! Chess champion and prospective bank robber David Knight surveyed the street. No CCTV; no police. He remembered the small town from his childhood when he lost the school chess championship to Frederick King. Nothing had changed. Check! He entered the empty bank just one male employee working. Check! As he approached , the cashier, name badge “Rick”, looked up; sudden recognition in his face. Knight's confidence evaporated as he recognised his nemesis of twenty years ago. Instead of his demand note all he could produce from his pocket was a book. King took it and leered at him. “Cheque mate?”

Jonathan Rogers
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Re: 100 Word Story

Post by Jonathan Rogers » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:41 pm

I guess I can run to just 100 words.

Daniel had been living for this game for weeks. Jason’s sudden leap above him in the grading list was essentially down to luck. Why did everyone take grades so seriously? But he would prove himself at the county junior championships. They played in round five. Daniel unleashed his opening surprise and stood better. Jason looked uncomfortable. Daniel was winning, and he saw a nice combination. But Jason played an intermezzo check and looked most relieved. Poor Daniel: he shut himself in his room that night, too old to cry but too young to understand that chess is not so important.

Matt Fletcher
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Re: 100 Word Story

Post by Matt Fletcher » Tue Sep 16, 2014 4:43 pm

They faced each other across the chessboard, the aging champion staring at his upstart challenger. The younger player’s last ten moves had been played with no apparent care (he spent little time on them and was barely looking at the board), but the old man knew that they were good - indeed, he had a strong suspicion they were the best available. Was there something hidden in those sunglasses? Suddenly, he made his move. His arm flicked quickly across the table, smashing the glasses on the floor. He looked straight into the bewildered boy’s eyes and softly growled “J’accuse”…

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