Is it copyright infringement?

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Re: Is it copyright infringement?

Post by soheil_hooshdaran » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:34 am

John McKenna wrote:As I said, if you wish to hold to your moral beliefs then stop selling illicit books.

If on the other, third, hand you are sureptitiously arguing that your moral beliefs are above international copyright law and that is because Iran does not adhere to that international law therefore you can do whatever you like regarding translating, publishing and selling any, and all, foreign books you choose to, then do that.

It seems clear enough, now, so why do you regularly raise further questions, here, and tell of what is happening in Iran regarding the matter of copyright?
Yes, I'm not gonna translate further volumes of the series, unless I get the copyright-holder's go.
It's fair: One has to pay if he is recieving a service. They aswered my questions and if they are again to do that, they needx to be paid.
What are you expect to hear here - yes, we agree with you, Iran has got this right?
I know this part of Iran's law is contradictory: No copyriight for others, but copyight for our own work. Good news is that you can sign a contract to observe the internnnational copyright.

But I am asking if my hearings are right: the foreign copyright holders absolutly have no problem with their books being pirated. If it was, why would they have problems with me only? Seem I am about the only chess trqanslator strictly adherin to the international law.
And I wonder, as a person, how is Iran gonna be part of international community if it doesn't follow such laws?
Can you say what happens if Iranian authors' books are taken abroad, translated into English and sold - do those authors and copyright holders in Iran see any returns for their work, or, are they told they deserve nothing because Iran does not adhere to international copyright?
Well, one of my frie4nds planned to have his book translated by me, but I failed to do it and now he doesn't want to do so anymore.
But I think they expect return.

(There are 3 separate questions in what I've written, above, answer them each clearly if you can, please.)

John McKenna
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Re: Is it copyright infringement?

Post by John McKenna » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:49 pm

Well said, that's all clear enough for me.
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