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Re: Premier League Fantasy Football 2017-18

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 4:08 pm
by Neil Graham
Overall Report Season 2017-18

Here is the overall report for Season 2017/18 which combines the reports for the four quarters. I haven't bothered filling in the number of weeks featured - anyone who really wants to do this can work it out from the info already provided.

1. Andrew Harley 129 pts
2. Adam Bremner 117 pts
3. Michael Ashworth 83 pts
4. Peter Staneland 53 pts
5. Paul Cooksey 52 pts
6. Alex Bullen 35 pts
7. Sam Herring 29 pts
8. Robert Ashworth 21 pts
9. Andrew Garside 15 pts
10. Steven Smith 13 pts

Re: Premier League Fantasy Football 2017-18

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:06 pm
by Neil Graham

This is the last posting for the 2017-18 season (unless anyone else wants to add anything).

Spare a thought for Bharat Dhody and his team Boom Xhaka Laca - after leading for every week bar one from Week 17, the Indian manager saw 1st place snatched from him in Week 38. His score of 52 points (2,586,001th) allowed two other teams to dramatically overhaul the long time leader.
Bharat finished on 2,500 points

Paul Gee, who was in second place after Week 37, maintained his position with a score of 72 points to finish on 2,504. The surprise package though was Yusuf Sheikh of Tanzania. In 6th place going into Week 38 he scored 93 points which included triple captain points for Mo Salah plus introducing DeAndre Yedlin from the bench to score a match winning six points to finish on 2,512 points.

The fixtures for 2018-19 have been announced today; we'll be back next season (hopefully)! In the meantime.........the World Cup :) !