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Lander Arrasate Bedialauneta 1973 - 2019

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:18 pm
by Kevin Thurlow
I only met Lander earlier this year when I joined Sedgemoor Chess Club. He was a good player, performing well on board 1, and affable. He encouraged other players and went through games with them, always happy to help. He always gave a cheery greeting when he met anyone and a cheery goodbye at the end of the evening. We won a league match 3-1, where he was unlucky to lose, then he sent a WhatsApp the next morning congratulating the winners. On Saturday, he lost on Board 2 in the Somerset v Devon match, analysed politely with his opponent, congratulated him again and shook hands. Later that evening, he had a fatal heart attack.

He was such a nice guy and will certainly be missed. Sedgemoor is postponing imminent league matches as a mark of respect. The funeral will be in Spain.