The ACO is back!

Details of upcoming UK events, please provide working links if possible.
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Re: The ACO is back!

Post by David Gilbert » Tue Feb 23, 2021 9:13 pm

We must be doing something right? At least the Money Markets seem to think so. The pound’s been on the rampage against the euro (and the dollar) over the past few weeks, and tourist bookings have surged over the last couple of days. When I first posted here on 22 December 2020 a pound would buy just less than €1.10. Today the rate topped €1.16 and some ‘experts’ are predicting it will climb even higher in March. That’s good news for anyone heading to the ACO events on Rhodes or Crete this year. So long as the higher rates stick, it represents a saving of almost £100 for me against what I would have paid a month or two ago.

The number of registrations for the Crete Seniors in October has grown by six since last week, with Cumbria now represented. With five weeks to go to enjoy the €200 discount, the latest figures have 122 names on the list, including fourteen with an ENG sticker. Last night I ordered another polo shirt for the trip - this time it comes with a Minnesota Twins logo (TC = Twin Cities) and compliments my New York Jets equivalent, and my (not identical) twins shoes. I had my first jab on Monday and a return to over-the-board chess can’t come soon enough. I'm ready to go.
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