Not really a report on weekend 2

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Re: Not really a report on weekend 2

Post by Alex Holowczak » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:29 pm

Roger de Coverly wrote:
Alex Holowczak wrote: it's right on the cusp of being commutable.
It's Motorway almost to the door of the hotel. Par time from the Handy Cross (High Wycombe) junction of the M40 is around two hours with a clear run.For those comfortable with the Birmingham runs, either during the 1990s and early 2000s in the city centre or more recently at the Airport, it's a bit further, but it's not as if you are going to Aberystwyth or Llandudno.
Actually, there's a direct train from Sandwell & Dudley to Telford Central. The hardest part of that journey is the 1.5 mile walk from where I live to the station if there isn't a bus - and I don't think there is on Sunday (or Bank Holiday Monday). I've commuted to Telford before for the 4NCL when I visited last year to input some games since it was a split weekend, but I could arrive at noon on Sunday, which is rather later than I'll need to arrive if I'm arbiting.

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Re: Not really a report on weekend 2

Post by Keith Arkell » Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:30 pm

David Robertson wrote:
Jonathan Rogers wrote:I couldn't quite work out where White went wrong in Arkell v Fernandez
Me, too. So I settled for something easier:
I can! Obviously I was completely winning from pretty much the opening onwards, and continued to turn the screws until I had one of the strangest blind spots ( if I can call it that) of my life. Simply recapturing on h5 with my Queen keeps things firmly under control, but I thought I'd be a bit clever and play 1 Qh6 first, follow up with 2 Nf5, and only then play 3 Qxh5. Clearly he is prevented from playing 1...Rg6 because of 2 Qf8 mate. Except, of course, Qf8 isn't mate :shock:

This weird incident gave away a vital tempo after which I think he can hold the draw. That I found a way to self-destruct completely, after that, beggars belief. I think I just couldn't accept that I had let him of the hook in such a strange way. Daniel was quite taken aback when I resigned, so I showed him that he is winning a Rook in all variations.

I can laugh at it now ( and even at the time, as my team had already won the match) but the final position is lost because in a key line he forks my Rooks on d4 and d6 with the move ...Ke5, because I have a pesky pawn on d5 :lol:

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Re: Not really a report on weekend 2

Post by Christopher Kreuzer » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:00 pm

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Re: Not really a report on weekend 2

Post by MartinCarpenter » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:38 pm

Alan Walton wrote:
MartinCarpenter wrote:Best explanation I've seen for White Rose 2 is that its a hangover from losing all the time in Division 1 - once a team gets used to losing on a regular basis it can be quite hard to remember how not to! Hopefully they'll get it back together.
You could be correct, but Sussex Martlets haven't experienced this; I have noticed that there has been a slight personnel change on the White Rose 2 team compared with previous years, so perhaps these players aren't quite as strong
Seems quite possible looking at it - WR2 were quite good for the first weekend, somewhat less so for the last one. There has been a mild 'problem' for a while in that their strength in depth isn't so great now that a load of Yorkshire players are playing for different people in Div3N instead.

We'll see :) Their top boards do seem to still be very solid/consistent in turning out, so they'd very likely get back up again fast even if it does go a bit wrong.

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