I've got a collection of Chess Products for sale

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I've got a collection of Chess Products for sale

Post by matt_ward » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:50 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to inform people to whom it might concern and interest that I've got a Chess Variety and collection of chess books, all in new condition DVD's Chess Software, Chess Sets and two folders of Information regarding chess; World Championships Matches Between Nigel Short and Gary Kasparov, and many others. Got Several Chess Magazines "New in Chess", and different Volumes of the BCM. In contrary to this a Folder Complete with an online ebook which I bought and printed out which consists of Chess Studies, and middlegame positions dating back to 1960.

A little history, in regards to these items, I've mainly gathered these items over the years of me playing chess from age 16 competitively or there abouts, and I no longer have particular interest in playing chess hence why I am selling my entire collection. I have achieved what I wanted in terms of chess, 170 ECF plus and I got this with no study of any of my products so strictly speaking they're NEW!

Anyhow here is what my collection consists of:

Books: Art of Attack in Chess
Mikhail Tal "Master of Sacrifice"
The Semi- Slav Matthew Sadler
French Classical by Byron Jacobs
"The Complete French" by Lev Psakhis
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy Advances since Nimzowitsch. By John Watson.
Nimzo Indian Defence Classical Variation by Ivan Sokolov
Caro- Kann Smyslov System 4.Sd7 vy Eduard Gufeld & Oleg Stetsko
play the Caro- Kann By Jovanka Houska One book I have read and highly regard.

Chess Choice Challenge 3 by Chris Ward
Beating the Sicilian 3 by John Nunn and Joe Gallagher
Chess Openings for White, Explained winning with 1.e4 by GM Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn x2 copies.

Chess openings for Black, Explained Both by same author and 2nd edition books.
Sicilian's Complete Endgame Course By Jeremy Silman
Know the game CHESS in collaboration with the British Chess Fed.
Principles of the "NEW CHESS" By Bruce Pandolfini
Winning Chess Endings By Yasser Sierawan
The Complete Semi- Slav by Peter Wells
The Queen's Gambit Accepted by Konstantin Sakaev and Semko Semkov
The French Defence By Nigel Short
Dangerous Weapons The Queen's Gambit by Richard Pallister, Glenn Flear, Chris Ward
Bobby Fischer " 60 Most Memorable games"
Encyclopedia of CHESS WISDOM by Eric Schiller
Play the French by John L Watson
Queen's gambit Declined by Matthew Sadler
"The Mammoth book of The World's Greatest Chess games. By John Nunn, and John Emms.

Understanding Move by Move, John Nunn
Endgame Challenge By John Nunn
Learn Chess Tactics By John Nunn

The Right way to play Chess D Brine Pritchard
The Flexible French by Viktor Moskalenko
Teach yourself Chess by William Hartson
The Complete Najdorf By John Nunn
New ideas in the Sveshnikov sicilian by Valery Neverov and Peter Marusenko
Chess Tactics for Advance Players by GM Yuri Averbakh

Tips for young players by Matthew Sadler
Chess Strategy for club players By Herman Grooten
Teach yourself better chess by William hartson

Okay finally that's all my books now for sale.

DVD's/ Software

The Sicilian Scheveningen by Lubomir Ftacnik
Roman's Lab: Volume 71 perfecting the Opening Series
Killer French Defence by Simon Williams
PC Chess Champion DVD
Andrew Martin Queen's Gambit
Megabase 2009
CBM 128
Deep Rybka 3
Andrew Martin ABC Caro- Kann
Budapest& Endgame 2
Barry Attack
Kasparov Queen's Gambit
Fritz 12 Original

Two Video's very ancient chess: Foxy Openings Video Ruy Lopez with John Emms
The Scandinavian with Andrew Martin Video
ChessBase 8 Original
LCD Chess Exexcutive Electronic HandHeld Chess Game.
Chess Magazine Oct 2005 Volume 70 NO.5

BCM April 2011 NO.4. Volume 131
BCM May 2011 NO.5. Volume 131

Tournament Size chess pieces Second hand very good condition in original box full set with Wooden Fold up board to match.

2 Travel size chess sets.
DGT960 Chess Clock. 2nd hand £ 15 wanted only.
Pirc DVD
Finally two special small books "The Chess Greats of the World", one of Vlad Kramnik, and Magnus Carlsen Both with there original signatures. At the London Chess Classic.

All I want for all of this if anyone is interested is £550-600 FOR THIS WHOLE collection. IF anyone is interested in individual items, please don't hesitate to email me at mattwards@hotmail.co.uk Or call me on 01252 682442. All Items are NON refundable. All this stuff must go, all in totally good condition and free postage.

I will shortly be putting all items possibly on ebay. Otherwise it will all go back in the attic. :) :) :)

Hope somone is interested, I have not added it up but I can predict I've got at least minimum a £1000 worth of stuff here new so I think it's a great bargain!

Hurry before someone else beats you to it!


MW. :) :D :D :D

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