FIDE Senior Championships 2019

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Tim Harding
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FIDE Senior Championships 2019

Post by Tim Harding » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:15 pm

It's time to start a new thread for the four FIDE Senior Championships in 2019 (two global, two European).
All four are announced in two age groups, 50+ and 65+ (based on a qualifying date 31 December 2019) so if your relevant birthday falls in 2019 it doesn't matter if you have actually reached it when the events are played.

First up, just before Easter, is the EU Individual on the Greek island of Rhodes (simultaneously with FIDE's amateur championship).

This will be immediately followed (second half of April) by the World Teams at the same venue, with ACO's rival version of the amateurs (in different rating groups) at a nearby hotel also on Rhodes.

As all these four events had originally been announced for different Greek venues, perhaps this is a sign of a rapprochement between FIDE and ACO?

For details of the FIDE events see my Seniors calendar at where the PDF regulations of the FIDE events can be downloaded.
The closing dates are in late February. The FIDE events in Rhodes will be run by Nikos Kalesis who is a proven quality organiser of senior tournaments.

The European Senior Team Championships will be held in Croatia in September, rather than in March as originally scheduled; this may help to make it more popular.
There remains some confusion over the venue.
The calendar on the ECU website still says the tournament will be held at Sveti Martin na Muri, which is inland near the border with Slovenia, but the FIDE calendar says it will be on the island of Mali Losinj which would be a much more attractive venue (if maybe a little harder to reach). Clarification on this is badly needed.

Finally, the World Individual Senior Championships will as usual be held in November, at Oradea in Romania (province of Transylvania) just over the border from Hungary. A train from Budapest looks like the best way to get there (it's nearer than Bucharest).
The almost complete lack of Romanian presence at Bled last November (just one player of each gender) perhaps doesn't bode well for the standard of organisation to be expected?
It was also rumoured in Bled that the Senior Individual would be cut from 11 rounds to 9 but I don't know if that is official yet.

If anyone has better information I would be glad to hear it.

The relevant Seniors page on the ECF website is: ... ties-2019/
Tim Harding
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Author of 'British Chess Literature to 1914', Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography', and 'Eminent Victorian Chess Players'

Stewart Reuben
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Re: FIDE Senior Championships 2019

Post by Stewart Reuben » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:55 pm

Tim has covered much of the material before. Also, what is below might not have been seen by all English players. There is also a form to be completed which is given on the ECF website.

Any replies should be sent both to and Roger at
The first deadline is 20 February.
I am recapping some of the regulations, particularly for the benefit of newcomers.
The eligibility rule is that you have to be 50 or 65 on or before 31 December 2019.

4-7 April ENGLISH SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. St Johns Hotel, Solihull B91 1AT. A 6 round Swiss starting at 7.30pm, 2 rounds 5 and 6 and 1 round 7th at 2pm. Ed Goodwin It is known that there is an overlap with the ES Individual

All three of these events are at the Olympia Palace Hotel, Rhodes. Play, in the first round of each of the first two. is 6 April and last 14th. In the WSTCC the first is 16 and last 24th. Thus there is no play 15 April.
This is a new initiative. The organisers hope some people will be attracted to the idea of needing only one flight and one hotel for two events. There is the new problem of 18 games in 19 days.
Play in each event is from 15.00 daily, except the last round 10.30 with the closing ceremony at 17.00.

For the WSTCC it is teams of four in fixed order, +1 optional reserve who, if in the team always plays board 4. Other than for the teams in contention for a prize, it is usually arranged so that one player gets 8 games and the other four 7 games each.
All players must be from the same federation, in this case, ENG. Apart from the top few teams, the strength in the 50+ is quite similar to that in the 65. Since the event is not in Germany, there will be fewer weak teams competing than in 2018.
Generally a playing strength of about 1800 or 155 is adequate to secure a respectable score.
The provisional list must be registered by 20 February 2019. However, changes can be made until the Technical Meeting 16 April 2019 at 13.00.
The rate of play is 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game, + 30 seconds per move increment throughout. Score must be kept throughout. It is strongly recommended that anybody, unused to an increment, should get experience in advance. The default time is 30 minutes after the start of the game.

The fee is €75 for registration and transport to and from Rhodes report. The request must be submitted when registering. private transportation can be provided for other dates.
There is an additional FIDE fee of €25 per player.
The accommodation must be registered and booked at the Olympia Palace.
For 10 nights in a double room it is €665
For 10 nights in a single room it is €905. This includes full board, free WIFI and use of the hotel pools.
After 20 February, subject to availability, registration may be offered at an increased cost.
There is a discount of €100 for anybody who plays in the ESC or EAC and also the WSTCC.
The registrration must be made by 20 February through
The final sum, as agreed with Dan must be done through bridgeoverseas.
Two excursions will be arranged.
This year we managed to field a women's team for the first time. I hope this will also be possible in 2019. Matters are by no means settled yet regarding the support for and composition of our two first teams.
If you want brdgeoverseas to take over your travel arrangements, please indicate this on the attached form
When putting in your initial entry, please make it clear whether you will definitely want to play, or whether matters are unclear.
Please indicate whether you will be accompanied and, if so, for which days.
The magic number, after which we can accommodate any number of players is 13 in each group. This year we had 41 players. But, even so, there was a last minute problem, as so many flights were cancelled or delayed.
If you are 65+, but willing to transfer to a 50+ team, please indicate this. That proved very helpful this year.
Please indicate whether you prefer to play in a four or five person team. This option cannot be guaranteed.
If you wish to play, please complete the attached form.

26 July - 4 August BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS. The Riviera International Centre in Torquay is our most successful venue.

Further details will become available in due course. Some of the technical problems explained under the WSTCC will also apply. This event has not been very successful for the last few years, probably because it was scheduled too close to the WSTCC.

11-24 November. WORLD SENIOR INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Oradea, Romania. Further details will become available in due course.

Stewart Reuben ECF Manager of Senior Chess
Roger Scowen ECF Associate Manager of Senior Chess
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