Results of ACP elections

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John Upham
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Results of ACP elections

Post by John Upham » Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:01 pm

In the style of Katie Boyle I report results of the ACP elections as follow :

"Dear Members,

We would like announce the results of the voting for the new ACP Board. They are as follows:

Aleksandar Colovic - 47 votes
Pavel Tregubov - 44 votes
Laurent Freyd - 38 votes
Maria Emelianova - 37 votes
Iván Salgado López - 36 votes
Gunnar Björnsson - 36 votes
Yuri Garrett - 35 votes
Aleksandra Dimitrijević - 35 votes
Beatriz Marinello - 31 votes
Sergey Beshukov - 23 votes
Jesus Garcia Valer - 22 votes
Gerhard Bertagnolli - 22 votes
Almog Burstein - 12 votes
Inal Sheripov - 9 votes
Saša Jevtić - 8 votes.

The first 10 candidates will form part of the new board.

As you may notice, there is a tie for the last 11th spot between Mr. Garcia Valer and Mr. Bertagnolli. Therefore we plan to have a second round of voting to decide between these two candidates for the last spot.

Very soon we will send you the link for the second round of voting.

We wish to thank you for your participation in these elections.

Kind regards,

The ACP Board
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